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Quartersnacks West: Now with 500% more #YOLO

In L.A. for the week eating tacos, sitting in cars, and looking for a “YOLO” shirt to film a “TEAM YOLO” clip to “The Motto.” Fun fact about L.A: There is no such thing as a place where you simply go “to skate flat.” It’s shit. Be back next week. If you need something that’s hella chill east coast yolo vibez, The Chrome Ball has an all-Flushing photo post.

If you’re into skate events and stuff, NY Skateboarding has a breakdown of things going on this weekend. There’s a premiere for Galen’s favorite skate company’s new video tonight, Black Dave opens up for Juicy J tomorrow (he’ll be opening up for Drake by September on his one year of rapping anniversary), and there’s a Converse best trick contest at the Chelsea park on Friday.

And since this is temporarily a California-based New York site, please remember that the 1998 Neighborhood video, LaLa Land is on the internet. Notable because the soundtrack is 95% No Limit-based, Cops concepts, and Daniel Lebron’s part showcases every single skate shoe from the late-90s in less than three minutes (not to mention a picnic table line in Air Force Ones.)

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