Jerry, it’s L.A! Nobody leaves!

The Stupid Bitch Class of 2012

The QS Stupid Bitch 2012 Tour has concluded. Contrary to Cosmo Kramer’s belief that nobody leaves Los Angeles, we made it back. Thanks to Joe Cups, Lil’ Lui, Gigliotti the Great A.K.A. Gigliotti the Wrangler Jeans Catalog model, Scuba Steve and everyone at Nike, and everyone else for chauffeuring us around all week and letting us crash. If you want to blow your six-month New York City cab budget in one week, go to Los Angeles.

Remember how before Tumblr and Instagram (when The Green Diamond got updated all the time), everybody had a crummy little Blogspot page where they would post columns of photos relevant to maybe ten people that they know? Well, this post is a homage to that. The QS trip in Blogspot circa 2007 form. Video from the trip up soon. Now it’s time to figure out how to stop saying “yolo,” “hella” and “fool.”

That whole “people start skating in L.A. way earlier than in New York” thing is a myth. For grown ups, the L.A. skate day starts at 2 or 3. Same thing as here.

#YOLO, fool.

Official song of the trip. Has anyone figured out what the “plot” of this video is supposed to be?

“Play California in my Florida outfit.”

Being good at skateboarding in L.A. is such a joke that people ollie picnic tables in socks and boxers.

Surviving a Mid-Life Crisis at 25: A Case Study

Maybe not.

Do? Hey, I’m doing what I do. You know, I’ve always done what I do. I’m doing what I do, the way I’ve always done it, and the way I’ll always do it.”


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