‘Connecticut is the birthplace of white people.’

A rare non-white person doing a boneless on Saturn.

The office spent the past several days in New England (driving through it…not skateboarding through it) instead of at Tompkins or on a park bench drinking champagne, so updates will resume on Monday. Now we know that if Future skated, his favorite skate spot would be in Boston.

Staying with the New England theme, here is the Boston/northeast montage from the 2004 Zoo York / Zered Bassett video, Vicious Cycle. If you’re feeling nostalgic about the St. Lunatics, it’s hard not to have similar feelings for Lil’ Flip’s year-and-a-half run that would arrive shortly after. As far as anyone at the QS Rap Desk knows, Vicious Cycle is the only skate video to ever include The Clover G on its soundtrack. Also, at the 0:52 mark, Ed Hall A.K.A. Eddie Rap Life wears perhaps one of the top ten garments to ever be worn in a skate video: a 4XL, maybe 5XL, banana-yellow quilted down jacket with Carolina blue accents. Vehicle Skateboards R.I.P.

“It’s clover G’s on top of my chain and when I die put a crown on top of my name.”


  1. Both Eli’s green velour kit & Eddie’s kit are def both Top 10 garments worn in a skate video.

  2. lets not forget zeb’s high under the influence of rob welsh’s free your mind part, and the ill fated ryde or die volume 2.

  3. Connecticut is the like the shit New England didn’t make it to the toilet in time for. They vote Republican and prefer the Yankees to the Red Sox…

  4. I didn’t even think Connecticut was a real place up until a few weeks ago. I thought it was just a world of make-believe that was way too bland and boring to actually exist.

  5. Connecticut = Patheticut “Quick to set it, don’t wet it
    Real niggas lick shots, peace Connecticut”- Raekwon

  6. mainiacs, massholes, vermonsters, live free or die, ocean state job lots, and conect to cunts

  7. I’d really like to see a QS-curated top ten garments ever worn in a skate video. Something along the lines of the ‘this is what skate shoes looked like 10 years ago’ article from a couple months ago

  8. WRONG! Darren Harper skated to Lil’ Flip “Game Over” in Pitcrew’s Where I’m From.

  9. There’s nothing better than a bunch of Ohio try-hard Brooklyn transplants shitting on people from Connecticut or New Jersey coming into the city.

    By the way, the proper nickname for Connecticut is “New Yorkachusettes”

  10. honestly, why are you so mad
    new jersey and conneticut people suck harder than european tourists

  11. Far from mad, trust me – had to move to CT for work, I know all too well how badly the people/state in general sucks.. I’m just sayin..

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