These Are More Than Words, This Is More Than Rap: Happy Thug Motivation 101 Day

In the hearts of those, who grind with O’s Indys

On July 26, 2005, Def Jam Records and Corporate Thugz Entertainment released eighty minutes of motivational speeches on a compact disc. A month-and-a-half later, a website was born. It was the website you see before you today.

So it is on every July 26th that we celebrate the record that may perhaps come to define not only this generation, but human history as a whole. On this particular July 26th, we have compiled a bunch of completely unrelated video parts edited to songs off this seminal work in motivational speaking and self-help. Some are better than others. Some wouldn’t be included if they were edited to Band of Horses or whatever skate videos use nowadays. But parts three and five are certifiable classics around here, and if the seven-year existence of this website isn’t enough, then they are true testaments to the power of this record. Let’s Get It.

Part 1: Intro from the Young Jeezy Trap or Die “Raw Report” DVD.
Part 2: From Low Card’s Mall Grab video
Part 3: Stephan Martinez from Film Me
Part 4: Matt Marusik & Tyler Schaefer from Welcome to the Pleasuredome
Part 5: Alex Mosley from Can’t Ban the Snackman Volume 1
Part 6: Promo / Teaser montage for the Cut Outs of Florida video

“The world is yours, and everything in it, it’s out there, get on your grind and get it ayyy…”


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