The First Publicly Available (New) Yaje Popson Footage Since 2009

That Green Diamond video came out over three years ago. J.P’s video “premiered” four months ago, but will likely never be seen again, unless we fulfill our empty threat to Jersey Dave of leaking the bootleg premiere copy on Hella Clips if it continues to not exist in hard-copy form. The Skateboarder interview came out last year, but no footage ever surfaced from it, leaving occasional T.F. bench rumblings about Yaje’s current refuge in Brazil, rumors about him and Miley Cyrus getting back together given her recent interest in skateboarding (that was all Yaje), and discussion of whether he’s on Chocolate, Habitat, Sector 9, Zorlac, or back on Lola with Tierney. E.J. seems to be his publicist, but he’s hard to get ahold of.

A thoughtful individual over at Independent Trucks / Strange Notes accomplished what many of the filmers associated with Yaje’s elusive skateboard career have failed to do, and liberated a whopping two minutes of post-puberty footage. The part is “mad Cali yo,” which makes us remember why we began calling him “Hollywood” in the first place.

“J.P’s video, yo. Next month.”


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