It’s that time of year when people who don’t pay attention to skateboard competitions start discussing the X-Games, or at least their “core”-targeting “Real Street” segments. Everyone from D.C. is going to tell you to vote for Bobby Worrest. Everyone from New England is going to tell you to vote for Joey Pepper. Every person who only owns brown pants is going tell you to vote for Silas Baxter-Neal. Everyone under the age of 13 is going to vote for Nyjah Huston, who’s going to win anyway, since little kid favorites tend to win these things.

Naturally, we’re going to tell you to vote for the Governor of New Jersey, Fred Gall. He’s bracketed (isn’t it funny how skateboarders used to be all “Sports are lame! Screw the rules, bro! No rules!” and now they’re filling out brackets for “Battle of the Berrics” and “Real Street?”) against Jaws, who essentially jumps off of buildings for a straight minute. Fred Gall jumps onto moving buses, so vote and help him win some money for newly-sober-related pursuits.

Click here to vote. Vote by June 11th.


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