NPBP*S: The Top 10 Partyboy Pro Skaters

Though it may appear that having a next-best-thing-to-free apartment on Spring Street, and the luxury of avoiding work or higher education for the better part of a quarter-century is easy, such an assumption would be a mistake. To the superficial eye, Matthew Mooney’s lifestyle affords him a plethora of free time. However, you should know that he toils in his Nolita office day-in and day-out with the burden of having to solve all of life’s crucial questions. For example, who are the ten best partyboy pro skaters?

For most, concluding on such an elaborate topic would require the time it takes to complete two, maybe three dissertations. Mooney solved it in a mere afternoon, when the Jewish Hockey League had taken over the T.F. and he had nowhere to go. Here is Mooney’s finalized list, just in time for the weekend…

The list is not without its flaws. It has an apparent bias to party careers largely sustained in New York. Several inclusions have retired from the party, possibly rendering them ineligible for one of Spring Street’s most coveted titles. Alex Olson and Jason Dill are controversial choices, and even the mastermind behind these heavily debated ranks admitted to a mental mistake of excluding Fred Gall. You could make the case that there is at least one partyboy skater more distinguished in the former category than Mike Carroll, but it makes sense for Mike Carroll to be on any top 10 list involving skateboarding. (Top 10 Vert Skaters? Mike Carroll #7? Ok, sure. Not no, right? In fact, you may recall that frequent QS commenter, Ricky Oyola, ranked Carroll as the #1 switch mongo skater.)

If you have a topic that you would like to see Mooney tackle, please contact him on Twitter or on Instagram (@thewavybaby) to make a suggestion.


  1. if you saw the street league after party video that was floating around you’d change your opinion of carrol…

  2. does that fact that this list features none of our riders mean that our entire marketing campaign has failed?

  3. you gotta be fukin’ kiddin’ me with this shit….Jack shhhhh what ever his fuckin name is party dude? lmao..bitch ass shit damn I love this website but stop with the fake pops and asshole weirdo shit….true talk…once again freddy is great but yall mothafuckers never partied with nobody if the list is like this…straight bullshit son

  4. Hey, “The Truth,” if you learn how to form a proper sentence people might listen, and you wouldn’t be trying to get your GED for the third time. What the hell is a “fake pops?” Im too white for this website sometimes.

  5. I know this is with an east coast bias but youre missing at least 3 people from tilt mode and 4 from the piss drunx axis of skateboarding…and actually forgetting fred gall? Tisk tisk. For shame.

  6. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re talking about the mental discourse of Matt Mooney, not Stephen Hawking.

  7. Look at the rough draft photo Fred gall name is there. And those baker dudes get drunk at each others house. But I should add dustin dollin to that list he’s gnarly I partied with him before he’s legit. C fro might be tied with torey goddall but he don’t like being on the site with past incidents

  8. A. Don’t diss Sabback
    B. Baker’s version of “partying”
    is weak as FUCK-

  9. Being a party boy has about nothing to do with getting drunk with some fucking skaters.

    That Brayden dude is a party boy, but none of those other Baker dudes are.

    Olson is barley a party boy, but still is.

    Fred Gall is NOT a party boy, not even close.

  10. yeah how do u define a party boy , did you party with these dudes once and feel like you were on to something ? what a fucked post
    steve olson parties harder then his son plus all these so called “party” dudes

  11. We’ll be setting up a Mooney meet & greet / Q & A in the coming months so all of your questions could be addressed. Even management is unaware of the intricacies of his already complex life’s work. This post is 95% about Mooney, 5% the “list.”

  12. We are talking about 2012 Steve Olson is not a sponsored skater. The list was done in 10 min relax nerds.

  13. no diss to jack but cmon that dude don’t know how to party.. picture all the situations u might’ve seen the other dudes in, then imagine if jack was there… he wouldn’t be. he’d be at enids. if anything sweet waste should get a honorary mention in his place

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