WorldStar on Skateboarding, Race, & Lil’ Wayne

Yesterday, WorldStar posted a video of Willy Akers doing a drop-in off an ascended portion of Lil’ Wayne’s Miami patio for $5,000. While this event is notable in that it is the only skateboard-related video to appear on WorldStar that didn’t include the phrase “VS THUGS & GUNSHOTS WENT OFF” in the title (and it didn’t feature Terry Kennedy, who makes occasional WSHH appearances, or Black Dave), the insanity of the ensuing comments stole the show. As much as we like to think we’re living in a post-“Y’all filming for Scarred?” society, and hope everyone figured out that plenty of non-white people skateboard, WorldStar offers a glimpse into a world where these dreams couldn’t be further from true. Like 99% of comment areas on the internet, race became the main issue about three comments in. Gangs, money, the illuminati, and fashion were other big topics.

Here they are — The 25 Most Insane Comments on the “Lil Wayne Pays Skater To Drop In Off Roof At His Miami Mansion!” WorldStar Video Page:

1. “For that stack, I’ll do the same shit.. that shit gonna keep me comfy in the hospital, but when I get out BALLIN!! (Jim Jones voice)…. plus im show all the girls how they pussy wwwooorrrkkk!!!”

2. “trust me when im rich .. fuck . im gonna hire a massage therapist that will massage my back by just walking all over me . she has to be 95lbs .. if she gains even an ounce .. YOU’RE FIRED .”

3. “wayne gon b on espn in 2 years competing in real competitions watch”

4. “wayne has tear drop tattoos, that means he has killed someone, google it. he is a real blood.”

5. “ive watched gang land before, if you wear red flags then you are a blood. of course Wayne cannot be an active blood becos he’s a celebrity, why would a celebrity sell drugs when they already have money?”

6. “2 minutes after this video was recorded a group of black men with guns came out of his mansion and got lil wayne his money back. #FACT”

7. “Lil wayne is paying these white people to be his friends i see smh”

8. “He still a blood. . . just like he still a rocker, a rapper, a singer (auto tune), a sports analyst, a skater, a ceo.. . did I forget anything .. but YEAH in Waynes World YOU can do it all”

9. “Ya’ll don’t know what ya’ll talking bout. . . One of all time best street skaters is Black Kareem Campell. . . his layed back skate style influenced skaters all around the world plus he was one of the first skaters in the 90 who got filthy rich of the Skate Industrie that was booming like crazy by starting several own companies. . .”

10. “wayne on some bitch shit now- not one bitch hanging out wit dem. Dem white boys taking him fo a ride too- that jump wasn’t somehting hard for that guy. They be jumpin off of high stupid shit for free all the time. Baltimore STAND up!”

11. “whats up with lil wayne. i thought he was a blood . now hes a fucking skater omg kill this guy please.”


13. “paying? he can’t just have white friends? i think white people are usually cooler to hang out with than black people. you wouldn’t see a bunch of black guys do something like this everyday.”

14. “quit correcting people’s grammar and spelling on world star, thats just lame my nigga.”

15. Original Comment: “I hate Lil Wayne to Death but I do have respect for him cause he skates, it’s something positive but people on WSHH don’t realise that, there rather see there brothers dead.”
Reply: “u GOTTA be avril lavigne, only a white chiick with a bad hair line would say that”

16. “thats actually a power ollie..not a drop in…but that was dope as hell!”

17. “you’ll always gonna need white friends they’re very useful when you get pulled over”

18. “Damn, I never see Wayne with his kids. I hope he is spending off camera time with them.”

19. “Martin Luther King, this was your dream.”

20. “Ever since lil wayne came out of prison he wearing tight fruity clothing. Now he also riding things skateboarding….chilling with white people….I wonder what they did to him in rikers…..”

21. “this is what happens when niggas get to much money and start hanging with gringos”

22. Commenter 1: “that shit was fake as hell”
Commenter 2: “how the fuck was it fake, you dumb as hell. you obviously have never tried to drop in a ramp from the edge. a lot of shit had to go right for him to do it off the ledge.”
Commenter 1: “shit was photoshopped”

23. “5g’s for that shit? yo wayne I’ll fucking jump outta the 3rd floor for your entertainment, I might break my bones but ii’ll recover and enjoy that shit”

24. “if you dont have some white friends fix your life…”

25. “yeah fuck white people”


  1. @high post like haakeem…how is a video photoshopped you fuckin moron…yes skateboarders can actually do shit like that in real life.

  2. Correct me if im wrong but my blacktionary says TF was the first spot with a coloreds only flatbar

  3. lmao “u GOTTA be avril lavigne, only a white chiick with a bad hair line would say that”

  4. And this is why I quit skateboarding. Its like having holyfield try to become a rapper. You simple cant be a rapper and skateboard. Worse idea ever. I am sick of seeing lil wayne all over the place.

  5. WAYNE IS NOT A BLOOD! get the fucc out of here with that shit. not that it even matters but did you see dude claiming blood when he first came out? fucc no. they MADE THEIR OWN BLOOD SET as MILLIONAIRE, platinum selling recording artists. its all bullshit, no hoods claim them, he claims damu an piru, anything blood related. it’s actually hilarious. dude had a record deal since he was 11 but is a gangster? fucc out of here with that bullshit, how you gonna respect a man who kisses another man on the mouth and calls this man ‘daddy’ when he isn’t his birth father? wayne is like a 5’4 little bitch who actually believes he’s a super gangster.

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