TRENDWATCH 2012: The T.F. Summer Trend Report

Four months into 2012 and we can already determine which status symbols will dominate this summer at the T.F. The photo above is a routine slice of modern T.F. life, encompassing all of the styles relevant to a summer 2012 stint at Tompkins Square Park. Here are the five most heavily trending developments.

1) Camo: For the second year in a row, the consumer-base for camo continues to expand. Earlier this year, it was predicted that sweatpants would overtake camo’s New York-based marketshare, but their ascent has been slow to say the least. On the other hand, camo experienced nearly threefold growth. Discussions of whether or not camo “has gone too far” are rising, but not more rapidly than the adoption of new patterns and new customers (there are three different swatches in the picture above.)

2) Palace Shirts: With Autumn limited to an online operation (Autumn had dominated the graphic t-shirt market at the T.F. for the past 10 years), the London-based brand found itself a niche in an environment where the blank white tee is otherwise king. Though the triangle tee was sought after by insiders last summer, the brand’s expansion and thus a wider availability has made it one of 2012’s must-haves, even for those who are typically weary of the graphic t-shirt.

3) Cargoes: One of the more memorable door-guy moments in recent history was Big Rob from Lit denying someone by telling him, “Between the cargo pants and the laptop bag, it’s not happening tonight.” That was in 2008, when Lit was still somewhat relevant. Now that it is no longer relevant, perhaps it switched places with the previously frowned upon cargo pockets, which have crept their way back into relevancy and wardrobe rotations among the T.F. faithful.

4) Tats: Tattoos have long been a staple of T.F. culture. And whatever remaining taboos may have been associated with them in its early years were shattered when Little Matt got his last name tatted across his stomach in old English at the tender age of sixteen. However, tattoos have accumulated at a noticeably higher rate on T.F. regulars over the past 12 months. Just make sure you don’t get anything as bad as these (and especially nothing this horrific), and you should be fine.

5) Bleached Hair [not depicted]: Are we due for a Sun-In resurgence? Will skateboarders be ahead of the curve on it, like they often are? Who’s responsible? Plan B-era Mike Carroll? Gino in Yeah Right? Wiz Khalifa? E.J.? Chris Brown? Baptiste? “That one Odd Future Kid?” Simon Phoenix? Like camo and Palace triangles, the Golden Lord look was big last summer, but is a whole different beast this year, complete with a never-ending debate on who was “first” to adopt it.

If you see a Sun-In ad before a clip on the Berrics this July, we want 50%.


  1. you forgot the most unfortunate of trends: the bucket hat. i have seen too many of these horrifying things at tompkins recently. whether they are the small brimmed gilligan type or the large brimmed military type, they make me want to focus my board and start a new hobby with less embarrassing fashions to be associated with…like hacky sack (if that says anything).

  2. I did the bleached look last year this time , cause i saw TNT had it and some old picture of duane peters from back in the day.

  3. Too self aware I’m afraid; at least you get ad revenue.

    The whole TF with the cones thing is tantamount to what Josh Kalis often talks about–being down at all the different places, having respect–but that everyone wants to co-opt.

    Slicky boy and the dunions are the last original thing out of there.

    And in terms of the military hats, when’s the last time you had a six foot Spanish dude wearing Tims, a wifebeater, camo cargos and a “large brimmed military type” hat walk up to you at MLK Library in DC and ask to see your board, only to do a kickflip bsts first try on a high ledge and turn out being Pepe Martinez? Snack is right to disagree.

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