By some miracle of modern science, the Dunions now have a Tumblr: We have high hopes, but low expectations. Slicky Boy insists that he’s “getting his tricks back,” and returning to conquer the heelflip tailslide (obtaining a $38 reward) this spring. More history on the Dunions’ significance here.

Also in the realm of the strange, Palace collaborated with Umbro on some soccer “football” gear, and it came out looking really sick. It’s weird when you actually think to yourself “Damn, I want that Umbro shirt,” but unfortunately, it looks like availability will be limited to the UK. More info at i-D magazine.

CRAZY ILL THROWBACK OF THE WEEK, SON!: Josh Velez A.K.A. Josh Veledge in the 2006 Queens/Long Island-based $20 Off No Tax video. “We should go back to that low two-stair ledge in Staten Island one day.” “Helicopter up the two with Jordan 1s, fam.”

Most people stopped paying attention, but there’s some drunk skating and a crazy session down that awful Chinatown Park double-set in the new Slap One in a Million segment.

Sitting on a bench, profiling, and drinking iced coffee is one of the quintessential summer in New York skateboarding experiences, so you might be interested to know why cold coffee costs more than hot coffee (thus cutting into your summer alcohol budget.)

Recent happenings in the world of #stylez: 1) #phatmomz. 2) Should Arizona Iced Tea begin making more gear, it’d be an inevitable hit among the skate crowd. Arizona and 2 Bros. definitely haven’t maximized on their abundant merchandizing opportunities.

Spot Updates (but not really): 1) They built in-ground mini picnic tables at the old S-Gap on Water Street, but then surrounded it with rubber, so there’s actually no way to skate them. The dream is over. Think of what could have been! 2) Weekend hockey started back up at the T.F. They caution taped the benches off, and we all cried.

T-Bird made a mix to get you hyped before getting drunk. (Disclaimer: It has zero 2 Chainz appearances.)

Updates and things should pick back up this week.


  1. Those hockey people are the worst; they’d taken over the fucking ACE bar on Saturday…

  2. Hockey season starts at TF with the first days of spring, a tradition I call the Cornball Equinox. When the blossoming trees are complimented by the pinkish hue of the fat-ass league.

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