Out Of Office Reply

Been out of the country for the past week. Going to be gone for a few more days. Apparently, there’s this place called “China” that America owes a lot of money to. This country is weird, it has a lot of good skate spots that you somehow don’t get kicked out of. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and occasionally Gmail are all blocked out here. Worldstar works, but Quartersnacks barely loads, largely due to the Facebook share buttons under every post. The government hasn’t deaded Instagram yet, so what limited multimedia is currently emerging from this trip has been confined to iPhones. Follow @quartersnacks if you’re on da gram.

Regular updates resume sometime (late) next week. This would be an opportune time to post Project Pat’s “Don’t Call Me No More & Don’t Text Me No More” video, but it’s unlikely that the Chinese YouTube-equivalent has that available. E-mail is a bit backed up for now as well. And for the record, there have been zero Jeremy Lin jersey sightings here. China only has British ESPN, which suucckks. They mainly cover soccer, snowmobiling, and gymnastics.

P.S. Gonyon’s backside flip down the Flushing six is pretty chill.


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