Important YouTube Finds: “Collage”

Boss Bauer discovered this video upon a cursory “Steven Cales” YouTube search. It’s made by Danny Minnick, who we’ll guess was a prominent filmer between roughly 1996 and 2002. Collage is a gumbo of projects he worked on, mostly set in southern California, and annoyingly broken up into twelve, two-to-five-minute segments on YouTube. The first installment has Rob Welsh, A.V.E., and Fred Gall (sporting his trademark rolled up pants leg, backwards hat look…Sidebar: Has a skater victimized by 90s fashion ever filmed a trick rocking goggles a la Seth Green in Can’t Hardly Wait?) skating the Venice Beach Graffiti Pits and a mini Menace section at the end with appearances by Kareem, Pupecki, Cales, etc. Deeper into the video, there’s Fulfill-era Shorty’s footage, Guilty-era Shorty’s footage (*shudder*), a Harold Hunter appearance, and a glimpse into the pinnacle of the Baker Piss Drunx period. One section contains snowboarding edited to Outkast’s “Bombs Over Baghdad,” so you might want to skip that.

Thanks to the original uploader. Part one of twelve embedded below. Not going to embed all twelve, so just click around the right side under all the related videos. Each section is a small chapter of at least one nostalgia point from the late-90s/early-2000s that people nerd out over.

Continued in part two here


  1. I know MINNIK’S stuff isn’t all glits and shit, but check out “balance in a world of chaos” on John Reeves, early smolik, some good willy santos.

  2. Get outta here white boy. Snowboard part was off the hook. Niggas doin twisties off mountains.

  3. You seriously don’t know who Minnick is?? The godfather of the scumbag ‘independent skate videographer’ scene? Prostituting naive up-and-comers or down-on-their-luck legends for a couple of C-roll clips so that they can headline his video?”Yo fool, lemme film that.”

  4. haha. Minnick. It’s hilarious that he is getting clowned here in 2012.
    Fine Artists was one of me and my friends favorite videos back in the day, in fact it was among the first videos I ever owned. Even back at the time, in 1993, as a bunch of naive 13 & 14 year olds, we watched that video and were like “wow this guys sucks”. In that video, Andy & Pepe’s parts v.s. Minnick’s is a ROUGH contrast to say the least. For those that have seen it – the classic Minnick moment is of course when he bails a noseslide on a little concrete slanted ledge. “oh – my -god -what the FUUUUUUUCK!!!!!?!!!!!” I believe he also has a line in some skate park where he does a nollie kickflip that – instead of popping – ricochets off the ground during its rotation. Quality.

  5. Oh man, these were the good ol days! No shit!?! I can’t believe the writer of this post has never heard of Minnick or his work “who we’ll guess was a prominent filmer”. Well I guess it is just part of the history books now. We were all a bit rough around the edges back then ‘Skateboarding and Degenerarcy’ is exactly what we did. Danny made the best indie skate videos of the time (well kinda the only ones really). I found this in attempts to include all footage I have ever shot, Danny was the first person to ever put me on! Just wait until Danny is on your tv/movie screen, don’t get it twisted he did all the skate clips in ‘Wussup Rockers’ yeeaaaa Kiko!!!!

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