Autumn Skateshop: 2001-2011

Photo by Emilio Cuilan

It sucks to end the year off on a sad note, but today will be the last day Autumn is open for business. They still have tees, beanies, and shop decks, so run over there and grab something as a keepsake. (No Bradley “Demon Child” tee re-issue, but there is talk of a Slicky Boy update of the same tee.) The shop will be open until 7:30.

There had been rumblings of the shop closing earlier in the month, even when we celebrated their ten years in business, but frankly, “Autumn is closing” rumors have been going on for years, so no one took it seriously until actually walking in yesterday and seeing this. Dave is deciding how he wants to proceed with the shop, and is still potentially re-opening in another East Village location come springtime. There is also the possibility of turning Autumn into something else down the line (e.g. more projects like the Autumn Bowl), but everything is still very much up in the air.

Like every other great thing in this city, it was easy to take the shop for granted. Much respect goes to Dave, Paul, Grandpa, Martin, and everyone else who has worked there throughout the years. None of us can imagine how tough it is to keep open a respectable skate shop in such a high-rent neighborhood without running some sort of gimmick along with it, especially when parents buy everything online, and outer-boroughs all have their own shops. Thanks to Dave and the crew for always being friendly, helpful, and down to talk nonsense or let us post up and watch a video whenever it was too cold or too dark to skate Tompkins. Thanks for all the T.F. boxes you built, all the discounts you gave, and all the lurk sessions you endured these past ten years. We’ll miss you guys, and hope to see you back in business soon.

Until then, the AUTUMNNYC.COM shop is open. You can buy tees, hats, etc. on there while the physical shop is still in a transitional stage. They’ll be adding more things to the shop in the coming weeks.

Update: Lurker Lou holds a vigil in front of the store.


  1. Damn, I haven’t been this bummed on a business closing since House of Nubian shut its doors. Autumn will be missed, and the void that’s left will be felt. Tompkins just got a lot more boring…

  2. I don’t know why it keeps mentioning how friendly they were. Most of them seemed like dicks. Good riddance.

  3. the guy said theyre just closing for the winter and getting a new location after so its not closing forever

  4. all i care about is Autumn and the city that i’m from, i’m gon keep on skating Tompkins even though the box is gone. ITS AUTUMN!!!!!!!!!

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