Any year where Kelly Rowland, some guy named Y.C., and Tyga have the best songs is a weird year…

Can’t forget about the greatest song ever made by three people that kinda suck.

After the “Best of 2011” video, this is probably the best thing to be on the site all year.

And 2011, perhaps more than any other year, proved that sk8ers don’t hit da club enough. The best is someone referring to “Racks” as “frat boy music.” Shout out to the guy with the “QS TIL WE OD” comment. Case in point:


  1. i’m surprised you guys haven’t used asap rocky ‘peso’ yet. seems right up your alley for a nyc site with a southern music twist.

  2. “whoever did this is a fucking faggot” made me laugh

    kids really let the swears fly over the dumbest shit these days

  3. Kids would rather still b jamming the fully flared soundtrack or sumthin ?? Suck a dick for 2011. These suburban kids r gonna flip their tastes n jock tha qs dickz soon guaranteed

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