This is already on every skate site

But we’re going to post it anyway. Music supervision courtesy of Sundays at Sway.

By “2012,” they probably mean “December 2012.” Either way, it’d be a good thing to have for next winter. Lord knows everyone watched Fully Flared six-hundred times throughout the winter of 2007-2008. (Sidenote: Does anyone know the deal with DVDs and whatnot for that new Shake Junt video is?)

Vincent Alvarez, Brian Anderson, Kenny Anderson, Elijah Berle, Brandon Biebel, Chico Brenes, Devine Calloway, Mike Mo Capaldi, Mike Carroll, Daniel Castillo, Justin Eldridge, Jesus Fernandez, Rick Howard, Gino Iannucci, Marc Johnson, Cory Kennedy, Eric Koston, Sean Malto, Guy Mariano, Rick McCrank, Alex Olson, Anthony Pappalardo, Stevie Perez, Chris Roberts, Raven Tershy, Jeron Wilson.

Does someone want to make a funny pie-chart of how respective screentime in this video will be shared between those twenty-six people? What are we guessing in terms of runtime, 90 minutes?

Should be a good one.


  1. sorry but i would rather watch popz cruise around rather than watch some kind of ledge dancing he already showed us he could do tech shit like bs nose grind pop outz so i don’t know why youre hatin

  2. I totally dig it when Popz iz cruzin! You can totally tell by the way he sk8z that hez deeper than just sk8ing! He obviously haz more than just sk8ing in his life! Why else would he push like that? Popz iz Real!

  3. The real question is who will skate to a song from Watch The Throne? My guess is Malto or MJ skating to “How I Love You.”

  4. The post office bank to ledge Gino skates in here is ridiculously hard to skate. It’d be legit still even if you took out the kickflip

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