The greatest switch hardflip ever done in camo pants

Javier Sarmiento’s SK8 Mafia Sucker Free part…

1) The video is in 480p, so the screengrab barely does it justice. See 1:46 for evidence. (Is it a guest trick? It doesn’t really look like Javier, but who the hell knows.)

2) Most of history’s best switch hardflips were done in camo pants, right? Can’t think of any right off the bat, but that logic makes sense.

3) This dude still skates in Accels. The 15-year-old version of Miles Marquez applauds him.

4) Javier Sarmiento has the most underrated (or under-nerded-out-over?) frontside flip in skateboarding.

5) The most impressive thing about MACBA locals is that they will still manage to film lines when there are literally 400 people standing all over the main ledge and baby carriages to dodge.

6) Switch crook fakie heelflip out on a handrail. Nyjah didn’t even do that one.

7) Rodrigo TX guest trick. (Above.)

8) Just watch it.

Also: This part is still super sick, ten years later.


  1. The average SK8MAFIA salary is a a half ounce of weed, a bottle of coconut Ciroc, and a dozen pack of 2xl white tees a month.

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