“The reason why I used that song is because that was another thing going on in my life. These dudes in Philly were holding themselves back, and they weren’t just having fun skating, and they were bitter and all that. I was like ‘Fuck you, man.’ This song was my ‘Fuck you’ to them.”

“I remember this line, I definitely could’ve re-filmed the last trick, but I was like ‘Fuck it.'”

Late on this, but watch it if you already haven’t. It unfortunately does not address the Black Rob switch up, which was epic, and the sort of thing Alien would never ever ever ever do again. Alien when it was still sort of hood in a weird way > Alien 2011.

“Whoa” still goes hard in da club 11 years later.

It’d be sick if they did one for Stevie in The Reason or Chocolate Tour.

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  1. yeah, I subscribe to Thrasher’s channel, and watched this clip on friday – I too was hoping he’d explain the Black Rob switchup! I mean, if there’s one thing worth hearing an explanation about in this part, it’s that. Also, you gotta love the typical skate scene talk – incredibly vague rambling about Philly at this time – i.e. ‘dude’s being bitter / not having fun / holding themselves back. Probably talking about some obscure situation that happened in ’99/’00 that only he and seven other people have knowledge of.

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