Salute to Private Marquez

Who would have thought that in those ten-plus years since Quartersnacks’ principal shareholders first met on the 47th Street side of the FedEx building in Midtown Manhattan, one would get married, and another would leave for the Army a mere two weeks later.

Having known Miles through his little kid days, his 2XL mesh Foot Locker jersey and du-rag era, his P-Rod phase, his fascination with vintage tee-shirts and tight jeans, a brief identity crisis when he became East 86th Street’s first-ever hick, a comeback, a period of loving Anti-Hero and shouting hilarious obscenities at his then-girlfriend, a stint as a disgruntled Supreme employee during which he asked me to be his personal bank account because he didn’t trust himself with his own money, and his most recent undercover cop / fisherman phase, it’s easy to say that his presence in our lives and involvement with this little website will be missed while he is off defending our country.

No matter how many times we may have wanted to punch him for it, every group of friends needs that one asshole that will force them to drive a rental car to Atlantic City at 3 A.M. so he could only win enough money to break even on the rental, take an unnecessary amount of whiskey shots that he just spent a day’s worth of pay on, or pull up to Astor Place at midnight blasting “I’m So Paid” in a car containing thirty Roman candles and a thirty-pack of Budweiser to ask the question “Who wants to come to Sayerville?”

Needless to say, he would do 90 in a 65 the whole way to the park.

Be safe out there, Miles.

Above is Miles’ part from the last “Best of QS” video, Can’t Ban the Snackman 2 (2008). Watching it has sparked up an interest in maybe throwing together a third volume, depending how this winter goes. The worse the winter, the more likely it is to happen.

If you have any good Miles stories or want to call him out for drunkenly trying to fight you at the Fish in the summer of 2007, please use the comments to do so.


  1. when Lit said it was past last call, Miles said fuck that and bought me a six pack of sierra nevada to drink in houston park until the sun rose

  2. Miles was a beast. Snackman should throw together a clip containg all of miles footy and edit it to some gucci or flocka.

  3. I only reason I started coming to this site in the first place was to see footage of this dude.

  4. Following in the footsteps of suck greats as the immortal Vince and that one Really Talented Artist from LA (you know Alex Olsen’s friend): more fodder for the cannon. Big ups if he goes AWOL, otherwise…

  5. MIles have fun out there, be safe, and come home soon. Don’t try to be a hero in the line of fire just get out of there in one piece. You will be in my prayers.

  6. -Running into the QS crew @ the Hospital Emergency Dept. in New Jersey after Miles did some crazy fireworks antics and called me a couple days later to find out if everything is going to be o.k. w/ his homey.
    -Miles, God Bless. Do your duty, FREEDOM ISN’T FREE; have fun, have fun, have fun. Take the discipline, know yourself and never lose yourself. I’ll see you later…

    -Pantaleon- U.ncle’s M.isguided C.hild

  7. I remember us skating mid town, Miles spitting on security guards, Miles having sex on my room mates bed before the guy even moved in, and various nefarious activities. See you home safe. Got you a drink

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