Mind of Mraz

“Sure, there’s always plenty of awkward moments where you’re out there doing some weird shit in a place where you probably shouldn’t be at. I have to embrace the awkward moments in life. I kind of just like to see what kind of bizarre situation I can get myself into or out of as another hobby. One time I got rolled up on by the police in East New York at 2 in the morning by myself with about twelve buckets of wet concrete. I told them, ‘Look, I can explain!’ I’m pretty good at talking to people in those situations usually. Yes sirs, and no sirs go a lot further than you might think. Another time I was working on this ladies stoop in Staten Island, also late at night. She thought it was great that the city had finally come out to fix that one crack only by her stairs. She offered me weed and wine coolers. I took the wine cooler.”

Jerry Mraz has a new interview on Theories of Atlantis.


  1. the interview is great too actually… it would be great material for a multi page article in a skate mag because the photos are sick, and he gives so many good one-liners to use as the enlarged quotes in a magazine layout. hmm…

  2. looks more like the cover of a grey skate mag than a slap one and not just because it’s b&w

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