Great Moments in TV History: C. Fro on The Blame Game

The 1990s were filled with many unforgettable TV moments — the O.J. Simpson trial, Douglas V.S. Tyson, Bill Clinton’s “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” statement, Larry Johnson’s four-point play — but the archivists at the Library recently unearthed the most legendary one of all.

During the late-90s, before MTV became a reality show network, they had a dating show called The Blame Game in which ex-couples embarassed themselves for a chance to win a Cancun vacation. In this particular episode, C. Fro and his ex-boo explained the definition of a “pro ho” to mainstream America, explored human uses for bearing lubricant, related the heartbreak of being left for a pro snowboarder, and recounted their shared experiences of rave after-parties and wild nights of passion in San Diego.

If Rick Ross could be ousted as a former corrections officer and still maintain his status as one of rap’s most reliable summertime hit-makers, there is no reason why memories of bad MTV show appearances and a history of gargoyling should affect young C. Fro’s popularity in light of masterful recent video parts like this one.

Source: Library, easily one of the best skateboard sites on the internet


  1. she seems pretty down why did this go sour
    ps. the 90s were sick nasty bitch needs to shower
    ps. no bitches had tits in the 90s

  2. Is Chad still doing his thing in the industry? on the board? at the bar? Either ways can we get him out here to NY to be a QS regular?

  3. Simon Woodstock boxing Sticky Fingaz (?) on jock jams was probably a more surreal tv/skateboarding crossover moment.

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