ATTENTION: All Broke-ass Skateboarders

…or more specifically, broke-ass skateboarders without video cameras who need/want one*, Groupon currently has a deal on Flip Mino HD cameras for $65. Though Flip Cameras are no longer being produced, it still makes for a worthwhile alternative to other low-cost skateboard-filming devices, like the iPhone or the more expensive GoPro cameras. These three clips were filmed on a Flip cam, and it’s actually way better than the iPhone for lowlight situations. (Can’t say it’s better than the GoPro, which given the cost/size, is great at night.)

In broke-ass skateboarder terms, $65 is equivalent to to:

60 dollar menu items (after taxes)
325 dumplings
433 packs of Top Ramen
37 sixteen-ounce cans of Budweiser
8 beers at a nightlife establishment on the westside with tip
9 beers at a nightlife establishment on the westside without tip

It might be a stretch for those selling “drop offs” to thirteen-year-olds for $5 or hucking their ex-girlfriend’s remaining clothes at Buffalo Exchange, but it certainly is the cheapest deal you’ll see for an acceptable camera to film skating on.

Shout to Eby for pointing this out.

In return for this favor, please send us all the footage you film on your new camera for our “Monday Links” posts. At least 25% of the clips that appear on there are filmed on Flip cams anyway.

*If a camera-less broke skateboarder actually exists is anyone’s guess. There has definitely been a case in history when someone sacrificed eating for a week in order to pay for his filmer’s eighteenth VX1000 repair.


  1. don’t need a camera but this post is pretty funny either way.

    i enjoyed the break down of what $65 can buy.

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