The Berrics Need an Urban Consultant

Possibly a club consultant too.

In the latest (and best) “Off the Grid” segment with Zered Bassett and Eli Reed, there is a running motif of switching between radio stations that are all playing songs about rain.

It works well, since the clip was filmed in the rain, and on the day before Hurricane Irene was supposed to touch down in New York.

What doesn’t work well, is the underrepresentation of the one genre that has helped turn “rain” into a word of newfound significance within the context of fine gentlemen’s establishments nationwide (and eventually within the English language altogether.) Lil’ Wayne’s collaboration with Fat Joe is the only song of this type that is represented, and is somewhat of an obvious choice given his Berrics affiliations and the fact that anyone who hits da club in 2011 knows that “Make It Rain” is one of the most yuppie-friendly rap songs ever.

In honor of this massive snub, here are some of the exclusions via the Quartersnacks Rap Desk. Perhaps we will assign one of our interns to produce a re-edit.

Shout out to the dudes who edited Rodney V.S. Daewon – Round II:

For the backpackers:

For the grown & sexy:


  1. Definitely backing a Travis Porter edit. Maybe Southern music doesn’t make it out all the way to so. cal editing rooms?

  2. my only criticism of recent eli reed footage is the inexcusable lack of green velour jumpsuits

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