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This website would not exist today if not for the many characters — both past and present — that have allowed their brilliance to shape the words, ideas, images, and whatever else that you may see before you. Though Quartersnacks owes a lot of its creative direction to Young Jeezy, The Diplomats, and Radric Davis, their indirect contributions do not come close to those who actually surround this small niche of a website. In their honor, here is every Quote of the Week that has ever ran on Quartersnacks, from oldest to newest, starting from 2006. Please note that for a long time, Quotes of the Week did not run every week. Matt Mooney is the clear forerunner to highest frequency of appearances…hard to say if that’s good or bad. Moya is probably in second place.

“Quarter Snacks clip songs are too hood for a bunch of dudes skating ledges in corduroys.” – T-Bird

“They don’t sell wine above 100th Street.” – Mike Gigliotti

Matt Mooney: “I found out that I’m really good at punting. I’m going to be a punter.”
Alex Dymond: “Oh so maybe you do have a future after all.”

“You guys are the most disorganized idiots I know.” – Alex Dymond

“That was the only time I ever spent money on a girl. I bought her a cheeseburger. I wound up eating it myself though.” – Matt Mooney

“Every drunk crackhead that comes up to us always says that he used to skate, that says a lot about our future.” – Ty Lyons

“All I know is…I walked into that party and there was a dude in a lime green polo saying ‘Essentially, a life-plan is…’ and I said to myself ‘This shit is mad homo’ and left.” – Switch Michael Strobert

White Man #1: “Wasn’t there a guy named Jim Morrisey?”
White Man #2: “No, that was Jim Morrison.”
Mooney: “Yeah, that’s the guy that invented The Muppets.”

Matt Mooney: “My Teeth are fucked up because I go to the dentist on Forsyth.”

“I got a joke. Well, it’s not really a joke, but it’s kind of true. It’s that you know what’s good about sweatpants? There’s no zipper. So you never have to worry about your fly being open.” – Ben Nazario

“There’s a 35% chance of rain and and a 55% chance of beer.” – Charles Lamb

Gonz: “Moya, could you set up my board?”
Moya: “You’re pro. Go set up your own board. ‘Fuck outta here.”

“Yeah, he was in a picture in my history book with Martin Luther King during the civil war.” – Yaje Popson

Zack Malfa-Kowaski: “Did you get that board at the mall?”
Hippie Save-the-Whales Liberal White Girl on a Cruiser Board: “No, Paragon.”

“Switch [Mike] just called me to ask if rice was vegan. This is a day after he had mozzarella and didn’t realize.” — A girl that’s a vegan

Kirsten Dunst: “Like, why are you guys so angry?”
Miles Henry Marquez: “Because that dude was talking shit about one of our good friends.”
Kirsten Dunst: [Presumably under the influence of cocaine, and other morally objectionable substances] “You know…in the scheme of life that doesn’t matter.”
Tron Jenkins: “YO! SHUT THE FUCK UP!”

[While driving back to Manhattan from Philadelphia]
Geographically Informed Puerto Rican: “Yo, Manny, what did you do? You just drove back into Philly.”
Geographically Retarded Half-Dominican/Half-Polish Person: “No, this is Jersey City.”

“Blanson is the reason I am moving to California.” – Taji Ameen

“Miles should work on rebuilding our relationship instead of building a stupid mini-ramp.” – Quarter Snacks Commenter Impersonating Miles’ Ex-Girlfriend

“We can take Jet Blue to Miami and drive the rest of the way to L.A.” – Benjamin Nazario

“Nas is trying to reach an audience that doesn’t exist anymore because all the white kids like electro now.” – Roctakon

Matthew Mooney: “Yo, you wanna buy some gitos?”
Drunk White Girl: “I don’t even know what gitos is”
Matthew Mooney: “You’re not from New York then.”
Drunk White Girl: “I’m NOT from New York!”

“I have Porn Hub bookmarked under Quarter Snacks so my old lady doesn’t find it.” – Sweet Waste

Motivated Gentleman #1: “Have you heard The Recession?”
Motivated Gentleman #2: “Yeah, no wonder Michael Phelps has so many gold medals.”

“Hooters is stupid, strip clubs are smart.” – Switch Michael Strobert

“I talk to Thando all the time on iChat. He’s always lying there on his bed with his shirt off.” – Danny Weiss
“Ayyyyoooo” – Miles Marquez
“You heard me.” – Danny Weiss

“Obama is like the kid who can do nollie flip crooks every try but only at the very end of the ledge, and McCain is like the guy who will just do a back tail, but he’ll slide the entire ledge and ride away smooth.” – Michael Gigliotti

[While “I Got Your Money” is playing]
Isak Buan: “I hate this song. Watch, they’re probably going to fucking play ‘Juicy’ next.”
[2 minutes later]
DJ Speakers: “Yeah, this album is dedicated to all the teachers that told me I’d never amount to nothing…”

Isak Buan: “Matt has filming priority because he’s leaving on Friday.”
Daniel Eric Weiss: “Yeah, and he’ll be back on Sunday.”


“I can’t leave my house on New Year’s Eve because I’ll get arrested.” – Watermelon Alex

“Dylan Rieder is like a hot chick. I want to go over there and get his number.” – Matthew Mooney

“I’m not racist. You can check my record.” – Racist Cab Driver

“Grandpa, can you confirm? I heard Paulgar gives happy endings in the back for $10 after he sets up a board.” – Brengar

Matthew Mooney: “I want to get a house in Central California.”
Inquisitive Gentleman: “Ok, well, what the hell are you going to do for work in Central California?”
Matthew Mooney: “I don’t know, horses and shit. Raise alligators. You know, exotic pets. And strawberries.”


“He called me in the middle of the night, hysterical and crying, saying that he fucked up, and I’m like, ‘Shit, he killed somebody.’ Then he tells me he hit a parked car.” – Ryan Hickey

“We should’ve stayed at the gay bar!” – Mike

“I fucking hate New York sometimes.” – T-Bird


“It’s almost 2010, that flannel shit needs to die out.” – Roctakon

“What’s that website again? Quarter skate?” – The Detective in charge of the Jake Johnson case from September

Chris Brown [attempting to get into Supreme after closing time]: “Yo, I just want to buy one thing, real quick.”
Geo Moya: “Sorry Chris, not today.”

The Beady Eyed Gangster: “Moya, can we talk man to man?”
Geo Moya: “No, if we’re going to talk, it’s going to be man to boy.”

Inquisitive Gentleman: “Have you seen that new skatepark at McCaren Park?”
E.J.: “Yeah, I’d rather skate Tompkins all day.”

“I’m working at Jamba Juice on 59th Street making that legal money.” – Little Matt

“That’s when you know it’s hood. They don’t even have iPod headphones out here. Just the ones with the fuzzy ears from the nineties.” – T-Bird upon entering the Greenville section of Jersey City

The G-Man: “Whatever, England isn’t even a real country.”
Drunk girls in front of Corner Bistro at 4 a.m.: “We’re Australian.”
The G-Man: “Ugh, that’s even worse.”

“Yo, you’re from Germany bro? Bro, Germany is the fuckin’ shit! That’s one of my favorite cities. Germany is like one of the best fucking cities on earth bro.” – Guido on the Corner of 14th Street & Ninth Avenue. November 25, 2009. 11:25 p.m.

“Cuisine in Italy is the shit that sustained fascism.” – Barakat

“I saw her at Lit years later, and she was like, ‘What are you doing here?’ What am I doing here? I’ve gotten into like thirty fights here. What are you doing here?” – Marquez.


Fourteen-year-old Asian kid at Sayreville skatepark: “Hey dude, has anyone ever told you that you look like Dill?”
Watermelon Alex: “Fuck you, you look like Pat Chanita.”
Fourteen-year-old Asian kid at Sayreville skatepark: “Who’s Pat Chanita?”

Observant Gentleman: “White people don’t really skate in New York anymore.”
Billy Rohan: “Yeah, they just sit around drinking ice coffee.”

“Some guy slipped me a $20 bill to play ‘O Let’s Do It’ last Wednesday.” – Canadian Connor

“You know that saying, ‘If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere?’ Well, that doesn’t fucking apply to London.” – Billy Rohan

[while very disgruntled with life] “Let’s just go buy a gun on a credit card, and then pay that credit card off with another credit card.” – Miles Marquez

“If you throw up on the street, you’re public property.” – Neal

Young Geographically Astute Female Living in New York: “Where do you live, anyway?”
T-Bird: “145th and Eighth.”
Young Geographically Astute Female Living in New York: “Really? I thought Manhattan, like, ended at 125th.”

“I would’ve gotten away [from the police] if it wasn’t for my fucking Destructo trucks.” – Anonymous Degenerate

Rich Lady Kicking Us Out of Mercer Street Gap in Her Bathrobe at 2 A.M.: “Are you out of your minds? Do you have any idea what time it is? People here are trying to sleep!!!”
Galen Dekemper: “But I thought this was on the city that never sleeps.”
Rich Lady Kicking Us Out of Mercer Street Gap in Her Bathrobe at 2 A.M.: [after long pause of bewilderment] “You have to be REALLY naïve to take that literally!”

“Skateboarding is not a crime but it should be. Misdemeanor at least. what kind of city/society lets grown men run around attempting skateboard tricks on streets and sidewalks where people are trying to walk. I’m fine with skateboards as a general thing, but do it in a designated place. I love golf but I don’t go teeing off golf balls down 2nd avenue. Yeah you can accuse me of being the decrepit, get off my lawn guy, but I am from OC, california and I have hated skateboarding and its dumb culture since I was a kid.” — Anonymous Commenter on an East Village neighborhood blog’s re-post of the QS post on the Cooper Union bank being knobbed.

Matthew Mooney: “I don’t really like Vado.”
T-Bird: “You should. Because he repeatedly asks your favorite question — ‘HUH???'”

[I’ve been] training. Getting ready. For zombie apocalypse. Or the Russians. Whichever comes first.” – Michael Gigliotti

“I would do a dance…on a Jewish holiday…in a mini-skirt…in the middle of Broadway…downtown…for a Pepsi.” – Woman presumably under the guise of morally objectionable substances inside the pizza/chicken spot in the northern corner of Lenox Ledges

“Like, you know how everyone rides Indy’s irregardless of their official truck sponsor? I’m still hoping that Dylan just threw an Analog patch over some Dior jeans, because if he looks that good in bona-fide factory gear, then all hope is truly lost.” – Ted Barrow

Two nine-year-old kids who just finished watching the Emerica video: “Do you guys know where any spots are?”
Observant Gentleman: “[Pointing in the direction of CIA Ledge] There’s this smooth ledge that gradually gets higher down the hill and to the left.”
Two nine-year-old kids who just finished watching the Emerica video: “Oh…Uhh…do you know where any really big stairs are?”

“We ate at this Thai place with an entree that included unlimited free beer…I don’t think I ate anything.” – Tufty

Inquisitive Gentleman: “Can you play rap if you DJ in France?”
Roctakon: “No, the only rap song you can play is ‘Empire State of Mind.'”

“Do you want to buy a Darkstar helmet for $15? It’s $150 online, you can check.” – Bleeker Street Junkie

“If you see a hot girl in Barcelona, she’ll turn around and have dreads down her neck and a Star Trek tattoo on her face.” – Pryce Holmes

“I’m on the back cover, but it’s a Japanese magazine, and in Japan they read things from right to left, so it’s basically like I’m on the front cover.” – Marquez

“The guidettes out in Chicago are hard body.” – Boss Bauer

“It might be funny when you get hit by a car, but not when you get run over by one.” – Rob Campbell

“Your lips look like Bubble Banks. They’re full of cracks and ashy.” — Tron Jenkins

[while discussing his former Osiris sponsorship] “That’s all that would be in the boxes they sent me…D3s.” — Geo Moya

“Yo Dre, what are you doing?” — Inquisitive Gentleman
“I have been sitting here watching the ‘Ride’ video for hours and don’t feel like I have wasted a second of my day.” — Andre Page

“Tanqueray is like drinking a Christmas.” — Ben Nazario

“I wish Lady Gaga would make some new songs, but she’s on tour.” — Switch Michael Strobert

“I want my party footage to outshine my skate footage.” – Pad Dowd

“Do you even know what The Onion is? It’s a fake newspaper.” — Tron Jenkins
“Damn, really? I always think it’s mad real.” — E.J.

“What is anxiety? I think only girls get that.” — Matthew Mooney

“I quit.” — Multiple people’s responses after receiving a photo of the newly blocked-off Ziegfeld via MMS

“They’re not hoodrats. Look at them. They’re like, Moroccan.” — Matt Mooney

“That dude’s rat tail is really making me want to party.” — T-Bird

“I saw a lady fire up a crack pipe on Saint Mark’s place, right in front of Pinkberry at 11 P.M. the other night…I think we’re going to stop getting kicked out of spots pretty soon.” — Billy Rohan

“I went to see Paul Muni in Times Square and got blackout drunk…the only thing I remember is someone punching the Cookie Monster.” — Sweet Waste

That ad [on Spring Street and Broadway] reminds me of the last time I did acid and why I will never do it again.” — Anonymous Degenerate

Yaje: “Does anyone want to buy a set of wheels?”
12th & A Lurker: “I’d buy them if they were Rictas.”

“The world can’t end at least until the Knicks win a championship again. So we got a long time to go.” — Mike Bloomberg. Not to co-sign Bloomberg or anything, but he’s right on this one

“You know that Jadakiss line, ‘Gangsters don’t die, they get chubby, and move to Miami?’ Well, it’s ‘Hipsters don’t die, they get sober, and move to L.A.'” — Alex Dymond

“What is this ‘swag?’ Nobody says ‘wavy’ anymore?” — Wavy Mike

Washington Square Park Squatter: “Hey dude, I’ll do a nollie flip in Doc Martens if you give me a quarter.”
Danny Weiss: “That’s not that impressive.”

FedEx Security Guard: “No skateboarding.”
Inquisitive Gentleman: “Oh, but that crackhead sitting over there screaming is cool?”
FedEx Security Guard: “Yes, that’s our policy.”

Sweet Waste: “What are you about to do?”
Jack Sabback: “I know this 19-year-old Hare Krishna girl that’s throwing a rooftop party.”

“Andy Warhol is wack, all he did was take shit and color correct it.” — E.J.

“I was at Ruth’s Chris in Midtown, and some lady got into an argument with them because she couldn’t put an $80 steak on her EBT card.” — Spring Street’s Second-in-Command, Fat Billy

45-Year-Old Man Wearing a Du-Rag: “Aren’t you too old to be skateboarding?”
22-Year-Old Josh Velez: “Aren’t you too old to be wearing shants? There are pants and there are shorts. Pick one.”

“When you go into bookings, you got to take mad sandwiches and put them under your hip so you have a cushion to sleep on the floor with.” — The Dread

“Seinfeld is about life before cell phones.” — Matthew Mooney

“Are you guys hipsters?” — A girl in shorts and lime green Doc Marten’s with an Electric Zoo ($250 electro/techno festival) wristband on the 6 train


  1. Reading these while listening to The Dream Mixtape 1977 really just changed my whole outlook on shit.

  2. stoops was right that shit was wack and fraudulent. threw the dart at morgan then went skating all around bedford ave and then went back to morgan stop for sunrise. mad poserish

  3. mad poserish that you give a fuck he skated to another neighborhood. Appreciate that pushing fool.

  4. that video was lame as fuck, but i still back pops. and sean powers. and leo valls. but yeah, that video fucking sucked.

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