Lil Wayne Has Been Skateboarding Since [at least] 1998

Last week, a video of Lil’ Wayne picking up where Pharrell left off hit the internet and gathered 127,000 views. Lil’ Wayne’s plan to ascend from “dressed like a skater” status to simply “skater” seemed to be working.

Skateboarders began to wait for a half-assed mixtape collaboration with Pharrell entitled Da Return of Skateboard P. Some even thought it would be a solo tape, perhaps merely Skateboard Wayne.

The comments on Quartersnacks even grew upset with our lack of coverage of this event.

Well, none of you were counting on this website’s brilliant History Department and deep archive of artifacts pertaining to both skate and rap, where 1998 issues of The Source stack against 1998 issues of Slap.

Lil’ Wayne has been skateboarding since at least 1998. Only now, he’s endorsing 5Boro, instead of Powell (his initial sponsor.)

Look no further than the September 1998 issue of Transworld for proof…

Flip through the first twenty pages, and you should arrive at an ad of none other than Dwayne Carter himself, proudly supporting Powell’s mini logo boards.

Yes, we admit that the lighting in this particular photo does render his complexion a bit pale…perhaps he was just coming off a skate/studio/drug binge in light of Cash Money’s uproarious success in 1998. His name is also disguised as “Skater-X.” It is likely that at this time, before Wayne’s career had began to skyrocket, Baby and Slim were unsure as to whether he was best marketed as a skater or a rapper. (Now that YMCMB skateboards is around, they are returning to their thirteen-year-old plan.)

Never doubt the journalistic prowess of Quartersnacks, especially our Rap Desk and History Department, ever again.


  1. I was pleasantly surprised to see Wayne ACTUALLY skate. Sure. he’s not “good” good yet, but he can drop in on a six foot bowl and carve etc., so he’s really put in time on a board and is not just posing.

    And I’m not a major fan/non-fan of Wayne, but I can say this: that it does a heart good to see someone REALLY skating because they’re into it and they think, in the whole world of rich-rapper possibilities, that it’s something they feel and want to do, and not just dress in “skinny pants and Vans,” etc. because it’s cool or edgy or whatever.

    He may not be able to 3 flip yet, but at least Wayne actually skates for the very best reason to do it: ’tis fun!

  2. You know I can’t stand this mug in the slightest but I agree with Wally, he makes a good point. I’ve never seen Pharell or Lupe hold a skateboard without the scene being in slow motion. Plus what about that time Lupe came to the shop and asked to get his board setup, then went to Blades where the did it for him.

  3. I’m gonna go ahead and say Wally’s an idiot. Dude is definitely doing it as a marketing tool. He doesn’t want to skate. His record label and manager told him that he should do it and put out some crappy video to trick you guys into thinking he’s “skating for real.”

    I’ve got nothing against someone who sucks at skating. I’ve got a problem with someone starting to skate in an attempt to boost record sales among the skater demographic. This proves nothing except that his manager understands how to fool you guys.

    Quartersnacks is the best. Why aren’t its readers?

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