You think you balling ’cause you got a Real hat?

As Quartersnacks most likely has the internet’s highest concentration of skateboarding news mixed with rap news, this deserves a mention. We do not specialize in rappers’ favorite skateboard brands, but Young Jeezy is largely responsible for this website’s existence.

We should point out (actually, Jim Thiebaud pointed out) that Mr. Jenkins himself is wearing a “Roll Forever” hat in the video for “You Think You Balling ‘Cause You Got a Block Blog” AKA the worst single he’s ever released. Real & Young Jeezy ranks as one of the finer moments of rappers adopting skateboarding*, if you want to imagine that such a thing exists. Perhaps it was a recommendation from the song’s co-star, Dwayne “Dressed Like a Skater” Carter.

*Funny thing is, the linked article has received hundreds of Google search referrals off terms like “lil wayne camo pants” and “what camo pants does lil wayne wear.” Let’s see if this prompts hundreds of “jeezy roll forever hat” searches.

The Above the Rim motif and the Real hat > This song.


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