Torey Pudwill Announces Partnership With Kia Motors

Click the image if you’re one of the three people on earth who hasn’t seen the part yet. Thrasher doesn’t have an embed option for the video.

Kia Motors, official vehicle of the NBA, recently expressed fears over the current NBA lockout lasting into the 2011-2012 season. To minimize any loss in ad visibility (TNT is expected to renew a contract with Franklin & Bash producers to cover the Thursday night slot that would otherwise be reserved for basketball in November and December), Kia has streamlined it’s advertising budget into sponsoring non-unionized athletics.

Congratulations to Kia’s first teamrider, Torey Pudwill!

“…but when this dude applies himself to tricks like that bump-to-bar nosegrind and the backside smith grind through the blue kinker rail, if I was a cellar door searcher, I’d be glad Torey Pudwill’s not out there looking to eat my lunch the way it seems like he could really do on the energy-drink contest circuit if he had a good day.” — Boil the Ocean. All that needs to be said.

Someone is going to read this and post a comment saying, “DON’T YOU KNOW THAT SKATERS CAN’T ALWAYS PICK THEIR OWN SONGS?!?!?!?!!”

Well, if you can backside tailslide 270 backside bigspin heelflip the inside of a planter ledge or hardflip over a picnic table from flat, you should be able to pick your own song.

“People who could film a really good skate part in New York but probably never will” List:
1 – Daewon Song
2 – Torey Pudwill


  1. It means that if Torey Pudwill skated “urban” and “abstract” cellar door type spots that east coasters are fond of, most of those abstract east coasters’ pursuits at skateboarding would be in vein, as he would inevitably murder all of those spots.

  2. yo snack, you are completely off.i dont think anyone wants to see this fagboy throw his arms through the air and laser flip into a cellar door

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