Happy Belated Thug Motivation 101 Day

The Quartersnacks company calendar has four important dates: The start of summer, the end of summer, Christmas, and July 26th. Unfortunately, we were not able to devise a timely post yesterday to acknowledge this most sacred of holidays, as we were busy cramming in last minute Barcelona footage. Unlike most holidays, which call for leisurely time spent with family (even the inappropriately named “Labor” Day), July 26th is a day that coincides with motivation, focus, drive, and hard work. So what we lacked in posting, we more than made up for in the acquisition of footage, so Barcelona-based updates should resume tomorrow. And let’s not even begin to dwell on how wrong this sentiment is…

Below is Alexander Mosley’s part from the first Quartersnacks video, released in December of 2006, set to the song that may quite possibly be the main reason as to why this site exists.

It wouldn’t be right if we did not post the finest, local-bred video part set to an anthem from the Only Built 4 Cuban Linx of the trap (one of the few cases throughout the history of rap music where the otherwise overused word “anthem” could be aptly applied to every song.)

Have there not been more parts set to songs from 101? The only other thing coming to mind right now is this Cut Outs of Florida promo from 2006.


  1. I left a board under the ledge at sants the other day. I hope that someone that needed it was able to find it.

  2. Stephan Martinez is more technically gifted, exciting to watch, and has much better style than BD. Dude deserves to be hooked up proper.

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