Footage Footnotes to Pt. 2 of the Ricky Oyola Epicly Later’d Episode

“My dream in my whole life of skating, was to do a line from before City Hall. Ollie off into the street, ollie up those stairs [at the Municipal Building], do a line in there, then hit the stairs, and into Love Park, through Love Park, and then to Wawa.”

Someone still needs to do a line from CBS to Paine Webber.

Stepping into the putrid abyss of bickering that is the Slap Message Board is often an emotionally draining exercise. However, the leap was made last night to look for some skate nerd enlightenment on the 1993-1994 footage in Oyola’s latest Epicly Later’d episode.

And success!

Someone came through and uploaded Eastern Exposure 2 (the rare one…the one that wasn’t on the DVD that Dan Wolfe released a few years ago, which only had the first and third Eastern Exposures.) Full 700MB .avi download here. Thank you to whoever on Slap rigged that, you have restored some faith in one of the internet’s most polarizing institutions.

“Carroll’s one of the only dudes who can push switch mongo.”


  1. Scott Johnston’s part in the Mad Circe video is very slept on. then again that whole video is very slept on

  2. Pepe Martinez in that vid is classic stuff. Somehow he hasn’t risen to the same talked-about status as other great East Coast guys who have passed, but he was definitely the man back then.

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