Could’ve seen this one coming…

Stop applying to NYU and stop supporting hate crimes like this. Shouldn’t this school be more worried about idiotic teenagers performing embarrassing protests instead of skateboarders waxing a few ledges?

The ledges on Mercer and Third Street, in front of NYU building #875365 of 4064746683, have been sandblasted and knobbed with small metallic spheres, a la what they did at the Brooklyn Museum. The museum knobs got bashed out and took a sizable chunk of each ledge along with them. You could do the same thing if you’re one of those who dropped $40,000/year on tuition, and feel cheated upon realizing your money is being spent on knobs. (THAT MEANS BUAN AND GALEN.)

There are many things in life greater than beveled ledges, but in New York, there are few sights more rare than a well-grinding ledge spot that you have a chance to skate for thirty plus minutes. The gaps over the benches and the plants are all still skateable. With this, we can conclude that the average life of a skate spot at a college campus below 14th Street is seven months. (See here.)


  1. i never skated these ledges, but a loss indeed I think roctakon liked them. I was always more into that fake windowsill ledge at gristedes. how do those brooklyn museum ones skate after they got knocked off? i feel like i remember ty doing a line there

  2. the bk museum benches are still good with the chunks. slides are a full go and grinds feel cool- bumpy but slick. don’t think we’d get the same result if someone busted these nobs off due to the cement they’re made of

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