Ten Years on the Block

Anytime an e-mail from Sweet Waste AKA Black Boy White Boy shows up in the inbox, its contents become a mandatory post. At the onset of the millennium, the residents of Dobbin Block were pioneers in taking trains out to neglected, far off portions of New York City, all for the purpose of discovering spots that don’t look like spots, spots that require massive amounts of quick-crete and repair, or spots that are in the middle of project buildings full of bottle wielding Puerto Rican children. They are also responsible for some of the finest Fourth of July festivities you could possibly find in this city. (“We had one called ‘Fear in Your Enemy’s Eyes’ that costs $500 and is the size of a table.”) Below, is their latest low-def video endeavor featuring more traditional spots than some have come to expect.

If that one is too traditional as far as spot selection goes, or too low-def (i.e. no VX1000), here’s another internet classic from 2006, set to one of Rick Ross’ finer, more blaxploitation-inspired moments.


  1. Wait, I didn’t know that ten years ago people started taking trains to look for spots. I also wonder if the cats who lived in far off nyc lands ever got inspired by these strange visitors and took the train themselves.

  2. I was actually expecting a comment that takes everything literally.

    A few years back, these dudes found a ton of spots that weren’t in videos prior to them finding those spots. That’s all I meant. Not that they were the first people to get on a train and look for spots. Half of those spots in the older clip in this post were never in videos prior to it. Same goes for the Coda video.

  3. Who wants to let me know where I can get some green/olive chinos like the first guy in that first vid?

  4. utica, cincinnati, rochester, lansing, detroit, mississippi, louisiana, west chester, cali, and florida heads in the summer…. and next year will be 9 years since the first homey moved in

  5. Is Dobbin Block having a 4th of July party like every year this year? (Cops came last year that why im asking if its cancelled)

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