Summer = heat waves. Heat waves = asphalt bumps. Asphalt bumps = Aaron Szott, the undisputed king of bumps and curb cuts. Photo by Allen Ying.

Frozen in Carbonite posted up a journalistic masterwork dealing with the correlations between early-to-mid-90s backpack rap and skate videos. It’s a long read by skateboard writing standards, but a must for rap nerd skateboarders. “The vibe at the time was that anyone who could noseslide a handrail and/or kickflip backside tailslide a shin-high ledge could get hooked up. Similarly, dudes back then scored record deals off one verse (AZ and Cappadonna, off the top of my head).”

Things that will never become irrelevant in skate footage: Big L songs and olling onto car hoods.

Billy McFeely has a high affinity for skateboarding in water. He might be a surfer trapped inside a skateboarder’s body. Or is merely trying to establish a new water sport off-shoot within the skateboard industry. Who said you couldn’t skate Flushing when the fountains were on? (For reference: Last year’s Tompkins rain clip.)

Someone followed suit with our request insisting that people on the internet should write some words about Trilogy. The Reskue Blog has a brief write-up, explaining things like the origin of “the ghetto bird.” Can someone explain why the British love Menace/mid-90s Dwindle so much? Or is that akin to asking why Japanese people love mid-90s New York so much?

Random Footage Bits: Kevin Tierney boardslid up the handrail at House of Vans (5:00 mark), Flipmode flipcam, Jersey City junk spot montage.

There is a Girl demo on Friday, July 1st at 12th & A. Mike Carroll & Rick Howard will be present, so it’s a demo that even grown-ups will attend. Rumors of a special guest appearance by Alex Olson are running rampant.

The people have spoken…If New York skaters could have one skate spot no longer with us returned, it would be the Small Banks with 31% of the vote, just barely trailed by BAM with 28%. People weren’t as nostalgic for Bench Down Curb. If you’re wondering why places like the ledges across from the Bronx Courthouse, Ikea, and Ziegfield were left out, it’s because we chose places that haven’t been around for a minimum of five years.

Quote of the Week — Washington Square Park Squatter: “Hey dude, I’ll do a nollie flip in Doc Martens if you give me a quarter.”
Danny Weiss: “That’s not that impressive.”

Words of Wisdom from the aforementioned Carbonite article: “Pulling out some obscure Pete Rock remix is cool n’ shit, and we may derive some kind of existential meaning from it. At the end of the day, though, this particular brand of hip-hop monasticism (or obscure skate video music supervision knowledge) is irrelevant—especially if any form of expert knowledge is accessible to anyone on the planet. If you aren’t making bitches get loose, you really aren’t doing shit.”

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  1. Those little kids are the odd future/tyler the creator of ny skatboarding shit is fukd. On an unrelated note asphalt bumps are my favorite too, take note son.

  2. yeah those guys are fucking wack. i’m blacker then they’ll ever be, and i’m a ghost.

  3. Im talkin about the little private school kids that skate to big l. There little odd future kids yah feel?

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