K.T. & B.D. in The Skateboard Mag #88

[Click photo to Enlarge]

As revealed in the latest issue of The Skateboard Mag, Dave Willis and Kevin Tierney are officially ams for Zoo York.

Both of them have sick photos (and hopefully new video parts to accompany them in the near future), but the supporting text fails to capture their finer moments beyond Kevin’s tardiness, and Dave’s ability to skate without rest for hours upon end. A sensible alternative would have been a discussion of how traumatized Kevin is from the time Bradley threw the crutch at him and Taji, or his expertise in low-cost wineries. B.D. is also also a man with no shortage of great stories, and memorable, yet infrequent, Twitter activity. The Skateboard Mag also neglected to provide him with the proper space for a Waka Flocka shout out, which is unfortunate. (DuFlockaRant out now.)

Below is Kevin ripping around Midtown, doing New York stuff (long 5050s, switch front shoves, etc.) in the past Quartersnacks Christmas clip. We don’t have an extensive B.D. archive, but you can watch him in last year’s Zoo York promo. In 2011, they’re both much better at skateboarding than either of these two videos tend to indicate.


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