Google Maps and Panoramic [Cell Phone] Photography

Regardless of the fact that there is barely anything to skate in New York, Quartersnacks finally got around to joining the modern internet, circa 2011, where everything location-based is fully integrated with Google Maps. Each of the six pages in the spots portion of the website are topped with a full Google graphic, and now include listings for shops, and places designated for skateboarding. (You know, “skateparks.” Those just have mere one-sentence descriptions though.) If you’re not into the whole modernity thing, the generic list is still below the map, and still organized by neighborhood/region. Nothing new by way of actual spot additions.

And thanks to the magic of the “AutoStitch” app for the iPhone, a few specific listings have panoramic overview photos to give a better overview of the respective spot’s space. Or you can just stare at them for a few hours while you’re doing nothing at work. Some came out better than others, see below:


  1. I only lived in NYC for three short years,but sadly the tweeter comes correct.
    For a gigantic urban megalopolis, NYC does have lousy skatespots.

    However, this might be the case for all cities in that class. The skatespots in Tokyo, Mexico City, and London are all pretty lame considering the size of their populations. Smaller cities often have much better and newer places to skate.

    the exception may be China, as they have had a building boom the past 20 years, so there are gigantic cities with miles of brand new skateable terrain.

  2. having been to tokyo, london, paris, and various other major cities, you are absolutely buggin’ my friend. Maybe things are not as good as they once were, i.e philly in LOVE PARK heyday , but there is still plenty of awesome shit

  3. funny how 12th and a gets a green skatepark marker and tompkins gets a blue street spot one…

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