Anthony Pappalardo: Back & more ABSTRACT than ever

Do you want to talk about ABSTRACT spots? What about parallels between SCULPTURE and skateboarding?!?!?

We’re talking about a knocked down street sign, placed on top of TWO, yes, TWO metal wired garbage can containers (one banked, one not) in front of a neighborhood grocery store and adjacent to a brick wall. And a 5050 on top of it all.

Shit just got real.

This will not be outdone for ages to come.

Full ad here


  1. That’s rad, looks cool, but what makes it better is imagining how embarrassing it would be to be caught standing above those dumpters, skateboard in hand, waiting to potentially hurt yourself really badly.

  2. we been skating like this for years in the bronx fools just dont know and now people think its cool we been booming hill all of that shit that everybody is on we never had good spot so we made abstract spots to skate

  3. Remember when Peter Smolik got (deservedly) big and just went too far “being Peter Smolik,” and just became a bit of a parody of himself? Or, more accurately, his BRAND became a self-parody (rap video stuff, S.A.G. technology pants, etc.) I’m wondering if this is a little like that moment here for Pops. Discuss.

  4. Even though this is no doubt creative, sick and probably harder than it looks, i’m sure a shit ton of people could pull it off. If some Flipmode kid did it I would think its real sick but its lame that this dude is the main guy with a pro model on Cons while Joey Pepper has been ripping harder than this guy for 5+ years now and is still on the fuckin’ flow team. Wack.

  5. Joey Pepper not being fully on Cons has nothing to do with Pappalardo. Also, you could say that half of the ads that come out nowadays could be either done or one upped by random unknown kids. I personally am a big fan of Pops, and like this ad a lot, just because he isn’t the ledge/tech guy he was 5-10 years ago doesn’t mean he isn’t sick now.

  6. joey pepper would be flow on any other company just the same as cons.

    for comparison’s sake, if this was brian wenning nobody would give a fuck. pappalardo is just that nigga

  7. dat nigga or not, this seems like kind of strech. obviously certain people we’re just always gonna wanna see whether or not they’re pushing the envelope in any way. but this one seems a little funny. maybe if there was a way to get up there without climbing? whatever, that dudes doing his thing. can’t knock the hustle and nobody can act like they wouldn’t do the same if they were in his shoes, cons or not

  8. lotta shit to say, but i think im back cons shoes once again and say

    pappalardo is just that nigga

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