Winter in New York: A Cautionary Tale

The face of New York skateboarding is typically broadcasted to the public in its April through September form, via footage of visitors doing superior tricks with an inferior fashion sense. However, even many of those inhabiting the New York metropolitan area for at least the duration of a twelve month lease manage to escape the dreaded core of winter by way of tropical / Floridian / Southern Californian getaways, or temporarily suspend all skateboard related activities (aside from drunkenly tripping on your board in the dark, obviously.) Quartersnacks is no exception, as a scheduled break in video updates after the annual Christmas clip has been built into the schedule by our program directors every year. (These updates resume anywhere from March to June.) Therefore, the greater public rarely sees a glimpse of what those buried, untold months of skateboarding’s offseason are truly like.

For the sake of making use of all the random clips from the winter sitting around on cellphones, Flip cams, and data cards, this is a brief example of what winter 2011, in all its snowy horror, looked like. People seem to have an increased tolerance for indoor footage thanks to the Berrics and its various off-shoots, but please be forewarned that there are no 360 flip nose manual 360 flip outs, or any epic lighting production in the proceeding video. A roster list isn’t really necessary…

Alternate YouTube link: Make it rain, trick.


  1. This winter I saw a lot of Dylans, I mean up until now there have always been a few, but now it’s like every other skater’s going Full-Dylan.

  2. since you bring up the janitor and mountains, who would you say would be the four faces on a mount rushmore of tompkins legends?

  3. how about NO, this website endorses grown up rap, no need to talk about sci fi rape and monsters, FUCKOUTAHEEEERE

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