Video Review: Real Skateboards’ Since Day One

Video “reviews” for videos that everyone is going to watch are weird, and mildly unnecessary. Since Day One is definitely an “event video,” so you’re going to see it no matter what anyone says. By that same token, reviews that take a “this guy is sick, he skates real fast and does gnarly stuff, this other guy is sick, he noseblunted a big rail, this young kid is sick, and he’s going to get even better, etc.” direction are rather useless as well. As the last “event video” review on here failed to do that, and was thus misunderstood by a lot of casual “Stay Gold review” Googlers, we’ll avoid discussing this project in a full constructed paragraph form. Instead, we’ll take a more observation-based, reactionary course of action, as what was done here for Mind Field, except with less sarcasm, and obviously more enthusiasm.

1. Buy this video. Don’t download it off some Lithuanian Blogspot page. Get it off iTunes for ten bucks, or better yet, buy the physical copy. As companies’ desire to huck over considerable resources into full-scale video production has dwindled over the last several years, and revealed one part videos or other formats previously reserved for disposable content to be a more cost-efficient, most companies still abiding by the old physical full-length DVD deserve your $20 and a space on your shelf. Especially the ones with as rich of a history as Real, Emerica, Girl/Chocolate, etc. Do it as a gesture, if nothing else. Sure, nobody watched Mind Field, Fully Flared, or Stay Gold in their entirety after a week of owning them, but videos aren’t an average of thirty-five minutes anymore. There’s something special about waiting years for a video to come out, and then finally being able to hold it in your hands. (Unless you’re young enough for DVDs and VHS tapes to have never been a major factor of your existence, that’s a different story. Just download it off iTunes then.)

2. Said this on Twitter already, but Since Day One is to gnarly spots, to gnarly tricks, and to skating fast what Fully Flared was to tech combos and ledge dancing. You know how after Fully Flared, a kickflip backside tailslide got relegated to a basic trick and twelve-year-olds decided they’d be better off learning how to nollie heelflip into one? It’s going to be the same thing, but in terms of learning how to skate gratuitously steep spots, sketchy hubbas, and with a few extra power pushes.

3. Also, it is incredible that a frontside 180 switch crook (in the middle of a ledge, not one going straight on) is just a standard trick now. It’s like a nollie crook these days; people just casually throw them down rails, hubbas, or in the middle of lines. Five more years and another Chocolate video later, the backside version will probably be common too.

4. Last thing regarding the Fully Flared “event video” category: There is barely any slow motion in this video, which is obviously the downfall of many long-awaited skate video projects that get too caught up in their own epicness, and decide it would be best to slow everything down to an obnoxious pace so you can absorb just how epic they are.

5. While “Ohhhhhhh!!!” and “Whaaaaaaaaatt!!!” are the typical crowd reactions to impressive skateboard tricks, watching this video reminded me of something Steve Nash recently said about Derrick Rose.

You’ll be laughing at certain things instead of doing the rudimentary “Ohhhhhhh!!!” because of how insane several key maneuvers are.

6. Sort of how Derrick Rose is a total lock for MVP, Dennis Busentiz will be Thrasher’s “Skater of the Year” eight months down the line. There is absolutely no question about that. God bless anyone who has a frontside lipslide and a backside 5050 as their last tricks.

7. Commendable nuance of the video: In Peter Ramondetta’s part, he tries to do an impossible over a rough-looking bank gap that a bunch of the dudes skate throughout the video, and it looks fairly horrifying. He doesn’t land it, and falls badly. They threw it in his part, and (I don’t think) there is anywhere else in the video where he lands it. It’s nice of skateboard videos to acknowledge the terrestrial world, where people sometimes try gnarly things, but don’t necessarily land them. These attempts deserve to be commended, and it was nice to see it in there. The make will probably be in his next part.

8. “Last tricks” are becoming of diminished relevance in 2011. Yes, everyone’s “last trick” is inevitably nuts, but short of the inverted 180 switch 5050 down the Clipper Ledge, there are a handful of maneuvers in everyone’s part that could have just as easily been their last. Skaters are now forced to find increased novelty in these final moments, like getting handcuffed immediately after rolling away from from the last trick of their respective part, leaving us with a cliffhanger of “Well, maybe this actually is his *last* trick for a while, as he could be serving time.”

9. The video is over an hour long, but what else could you expect from a video in this day and age? At least it’s not long because they decided to replay every trick three times at three different slowed-down speeds. There is definitely a bit of overlapping in a few people’s styles, but skate teams are always bloated now, so expecting a five-part video is a bit unreasonable for the majority of companies out there. (Hell, is there even a five part “crew” video out there?) There are no parts that you could justifiably say should have been entirely trimmed, and if you feel otherwise, well, that’s why DVDs have scene selections and Quicktime movies have the timeline at the bottom.

10. There’s a Too Short song in the video. (Even though it’s the go-to Too Short song white people love to hear in da club, and asking for someone to skate to “Cuss Words” or “In the Trunk” would be all too amazing for skateboarders to handle, like Dylan Reider skating to “Teenage Dream” or “Firework.”) Much of the music is safe (i.e. Ishod to James Brown), but none of it is really objectionable, nor does it incite feelings of “Wow, there are people that actually listen to this boring shit?” It just kind of sits there, and it’s a bit of a letdown for a company that has had pretty great, non-sitting-there music selection in the past (“Gun” is still one of the best song selections in a video to this day, not to mention Damien Bravo once skated to a Mike Gigliotti beat.) The only considerable music gripe would be Busenitz skating to a song from Baker 2G, as what will likely go down as the best part of 2011 definitely deserved some board meetings to find a perfect song.

11. If Huf and Max Schaff went out of their way to film a full video part for Since Day One, you could go out of your way to the skate shop and buy a $20 copy of the video.


  1. i lurked at my shop all morning and watched it because they were out of sale copies, im actually on my way out the door to see if they have more in stock today. cant wait to digest this video with zero distraction/

  2. I made the mistake of buying it on itunes. It doesn’t look like HD quality to me and the file is not opening in VLC player. Next time I’ll just go down to the skate shop and buy the DVD. Lesson learned.

  3. suprised at how little has been said about this vid. shit was poppin’ just kinda edited like doodoo

  4. you guys going to run anymore interviews on here? i thought that was going to be a new trend for quarter snacks.

  5. you know a video sucks when switch flips down love are thrown in the middle of a part when they should clearly end it.

  6. Kinda surprised about the placement of the switch flip down Love as well… that was huge and I feel like it would have made a much bigger impact a few years ago before people stopped giving a shit about everything good about skateboarding.

  7. Not to mention J.T. Aultz skated to a song from 411 VM Issue number 41, the Tum Yeto Canada Road Trip section. But I suppose I’m being slightly picky over music. Still, the best “review” on the internet, good one dudes.

  8. some random kid from maryland s. pop shuved the love gap in a shop video i saw recently
    no slo mo nuthin, just in the middle of the part. that may be the best trick to go down from a taste and control standpoint. but yeah guess that shit means nothing now

  9. Awesome review. I just got a copy yesterday and believe that Real is on point with the video. In every respect this video shows that the Real dudes are not stroking their dicks with any overlaid, super slowed down HD bullshit. The tricks, spots, music, and edit of the vid stands out today when compared to what everyone else has been doing. As the guy at my local shop said when I bought it, “It feels like a video your buddies would make”. As for not ending on the switch flip at Love, why should it matter? Ishod is a fucking beast, why pigeon hole himself on one trick when he is clearly capable of ripping the shit out of any spot? It seems obvious that these guys are not caught up on the “being the best, of the best, of the best with honors sir” crew even though they clearly are. Summary: BUY A HARD COPY AND BE REMINDED OF WHY SKATEBOARDING IS THE SHIT!!!

  10. Kay: Try playing your video in iTunes… Apple’s DRM won’t let it play outside of those confines. Also, keep in mind that the video was filmed in HD *and* SD, so that’s why some of it doesn’t look HD to ya.

    Another note: if I’m not mistaken, the skater’s chose there own songs. Looking at the vid and not comparing/constrasting it to another vid, I think it’s cool- makes the parts more personable.

    IMHO, of course. Great write up!

  11. this video definitely BY FAR one of the greatest videos of all time when it came to the skating. But as a filmer and from a cinema-photography viewpoint, this video was god-awful. there was absolutely no attempt to really capture the moments and emotions and no real character in the editing like as one would observe with an Inhabitants, Mind Field or Fully Flared. Everyones parts was simply nothing more than strictly skate clips just slapped on to shitty songs. Even with Ishod’s am of the year part i still did not get that feeling of hype and urge to go skate myself. I feel bad for all the riders on real with all their godly hard work down the drain for a debacle of an edit.

  12. “Comment by Tim
    Not to mention J.T. Aultz skated to a song from 411 VM Issue number 41, the Tum Yeto Canada Road Trip section. But I suppose I’m being slightly picky over music. Still, the best “review” on the internet, good one dudes.”

    I LOL’d

  13. Video Nerdom at it’s absolute best/worst… First VHS video I ever bought, soundtrack is forever cemented into my brain.

  14. fine example of why hd should be kept out of skating. you would think with the level of skating offered, that at least the editing and filming would be up to par. 180 the wrong way to sw 50 down clipper?! amazing trick filmed by someone who clearly had never operated a camera before in their lives. if it was filmed on a shitty hi-8 camera they might have received a pass, but in hd? shit man. palace has it figured out.

  15. Agreed @ Ian,

    I’ve heard so many comments on the inconsistency of video quality. After viewing the video, though very pleased with the skating, some of the tricks could have been shown way better.

    Above all, ‘Since Day One’ is definitely hyping me up to skate regardless!!

    Keep It Up QuarterSnacks!!

  16. my name mykolas i from lithuania and want know blog spot page for watch video. no shop for board near and itune not allowed to my country. please sir tell me. my sister agnes meet mr busenitz he great on board thank you very much

  17. I thought the skating was pretty sick, but the only problem I had was that when I tried to play it on my TV and my brother’s macbook I couldn’t get it to fit the screen. Whether I chose 16:9 or Old TV it wouldn’t fit to my screen and had a black box around it. Anyone know how to fix this?

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