Who doesn’t love a redemption story with a happy ending?

C. Fro A.K.A. Hair A.K.A. Da ‘Nandez A.K.A. “The Most Hated Skater of All Time” A.K.A. “The Most Misunderstood Skater of All Time” A.K.A. Chad Fernandez, is, or appears to be, off “that Charlie Sheen” and all related pursuits in the year 2011. Since we are in fact, the media enterprise responsible for filming and releasing the infamous “I’M A GARGOYLE” video (Explanation of this event here, original post here, and our mandatory answer for a re-post request: no), it seems only right that we counter our previous involvement with Hair in a positive light.

There has not been anything more inspiring released in the first quarter of 2011 for those who succumbed to binge drinking, nightlife, and other vices throughout the winter. In L.A., weather has no bearing on when the scales of skateboarding and alcohol tip in favor of the latter, but the precedent of focus and lack of hungoverness still stands. If you have fallen victim to the trap of the party during this brutal winter, the best thing you can do for yourself is watch this video, and bask in the redemption. C. Fro has since abandoned his controversial pursuits at skating reconstructions of real spots (the Staples Center hubba he now conveniently treats like a bank…can you imagine the worst case scenarios involved with messing up a half cab flip into the middle of that thing?), but maintains his habit of frontside nosegrinding a bigger rail with each and every video part for his ender. There are more than a handful of sights in this year’s first memorable underdog sports film to incite a polite “no” the next time an associate texts you the phrase, “Yo come thru I got a bottle.”

When the “GARGOYLE” thing went down, Hair said, “I got the Grim Reaper knocking at my door, dude. I’m not gonna let him in.” After this part, we’re glad he kept the locks tight.


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