We all knew this day would eventually come…

And all good things must come to an end.

“There’s no point in going to midtown anymore” seems to be the overall sentiment among everybody. And while that’s probably not true, this was always the best spot between 34th and Central Park that you actually had a chance of skating for an excess of five minutes.

If you’ve ever seen a Quartersnacks clip, you know that Ziegfeld holds a very special place in all of our hearts. The majority of the people involved with this website have been skating here since maybe 2000 or 2001, when you had to weave between the planters, it had no end, and wouldn’t grind no matter what. The only reason it started grinding, after the old planters were removed, was because of a select few weeks of going there for hours at a time in the winter, when we still had a friend living nearby on 57th Street, and doing nothing but 5050s and waxing the ledge. You can ask any of the older dudes (or watch some old footage), and you’ll know that Ziegfeld wasn’t really a huge factor in skating midtown throughout the nineties, outside of maybe a session on the bump. So, any of you idiots who wrote your stupid skate crew’s name all over the benches with a paint marker, pissed off the security guards more than you needed to, made love to a box of Halal food all over the floor, broke the window, or anything else not skateboarding related that proved detrimental to the spot — go to hell.

This place is essentially going to become a homeless hangout (and bathing facility) and a cavern for weed smokers now. It still has the best flat in midtown, so they haven’t gotten rid of me yet.

P.S. The planters are definitely bolted into the ground, so it’s not a matter of moving them. You can move them with two or more people.

And you probably don’t know anything about anything if you don’t think I’m about to take apart my circa-2003 G4 iMac, get the hard drive, and make the best skate spot tribute clip of all time. This site will probably cease to exist after that, there’s really no point anymore.


  1. fuck dude they really got us, expecting to see some people put together some cool lines dodging around the planters

  2. the ground and 4 stairs are good enough for me, and fuck it ill use the long ledge as a manny pad

  3. damn this sucks but chad wade could probably ollie a planter in a sweet cruisin line or sumtin

  4. Yo I feel you dun! Still looks like it has potential freal, still got the ledges in tacked and that ledge into bank is all good, jus got to move those planters you feel me?

  5. haha ” made love to a box of halal food all over the floor”. but it seems that you might be able to move the planters out of the way. or maybe not? thats just what it looks like

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