Left the 7D at home, took the VHS camera out

The best web clip in who knows how long. While “summer in New York” clips typically embody a play-by-play ending off at the Courthouse Drop, the creative team over at Palace Skateboards aspired for something significantly different. The clip falls in line with the VHS nostalgia seen in projects like Gnar Gnar and Caviar, but blends it with token nuances like non-annoying instrumentals, Waka Flocka, Bun B vocal cut-ins, and other things more synonymous with the modern era. The skating is all sick, including many instances portraying the difficult pursuit of doing meandering street lines that don’t seem forced, or like, “weird, bro.”

While some asshole is probably on the internet screaming blasphemy at the re-usage of Jeff Pang’s Mixtape song, we’re supporting it wholeheartedly. Especially in light of the fact that that red bench ollie (at the spot that isn’t actually *the* Red Benches, but on the northern side of the building) is the sort of thing that would have been in a nineties skate video. On an anecdotal note, that particular song features Matthew Mooney’s favorite rap line of all time from none other than Keith Nut. Ask him what it is sometime, it’ll be a good conversation icebreaker.

(The real question is: Does Palace receive endorsement checks from Long Island University? And if so, how does it tie into the company?)

Palace also put together a Lucien Clarke compilation, featuring some of his This Time Tomorrow footage, and set to another nineties classic. Who would have thought that a British company would have cornered the more nostalgically inclined side of the skateboard media world and not come off as contrived.


  1. i fucks with them palace niggas but never really feeling this ollie todd dude over the years since the static vids but the rest of them is official

  2. I feel like QS would have shown Palace a better time and Palace should put on Ted Barrow too

  3. those dudes were here in the fall. which is when all the stuff was filmed. you can tell its fall by the footage

    that flipmode video came out after christmas.

    they filmed it on a vhs cam and the flipmode dudes just put effects in and filmed their shit on a vx so nobody jacked anyone. completely independent concepts buddy.

  4. That site is pretty funny and corny at the same time. “We eat so many shrimp I got iodine poisoning” is actually one of the greatest rap lines of all time, and in no way belongs on there.

  5. @ try again, watch any Palace clip since they’ve started. way before “caviar” and its not a different concept. just cuz they used 2 different media to arrive at a similar aesthetic

    and again going back to the 90’s most videos were choppy and random like that cuz editiing boards, doubt any of you ever used one, are pieces of shit and adding random nonsense was the only way to keep things interesting while working

  6. This company is Dope. They have creativity that is so lacking in skateboarding today. Being good at skateboarding is not as important as having fun on a skateboard. Watch when Palace drops in the US some big companies are going to feel the pain of what these guys are capable of. They have already basically takin over in the UK and the unbelievably witty productions of Lev will not be matched any time soon by common California bro bra standards.

  7. fuck those brits. America already won that war. take your tea and crumpets back to the queen.

  8. i don’t know why these fags didn’t put steph morgan on, his part in that time of yesterday video was so sick

  9. This Time Tomorrow was actually the most boring skate video ever made.

    Good skating but I would never ever ever ever watch that shit again.

  10. They didn’t put Steph Morgan on because he’s already on Familia skateboards. And he is friends with all those guys, him and Lucien actually live together.

  11. any1 looking to rent a room in Brooklyn $600 a month cums with a free 17-year old girl locked in the room.

  12. The dude Knob rob nailed it; this shit is like when Flip first came to the US; Rowley and Penny thought dudes like Markovich were landing these Tres down 10 stairs first try; and that’s how good those dudes were; this shit is like that but on fucking creative front; on some you can’t fuck with the Gonz shit.

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