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After many delays and false starts, the Quartersnacks online shop is officially open. The only two items are the Snackman cruiser boards, and the classic QS logo on a white tee shirt (with XLs available this time.) We’ll see how these two do, and begin worrying about expanding it depending on the outcome. Maybe a Little Debbie collaboration tee shirt one day, who knows?

We gave it a corny name, “The Bodega,” but at least its appropriate. After all, the website is named after a low-cost grocery, and paying homage to the venue most well-known for distributing actual 25-cent snacks is only right. So no, it’s not inspired by “The Canteen.” We have an excuse. Anyway, even if you pride yourself in being the biggest hater on the planet, yet spend a few moments on this website throughout the week, you’d still have to admit that it has at some point helped entertain or inform you about what goes on in or around New York. If you feel inclined to give back, this is the best way to do it and get something in return. We’ll make a special toast for you when we make our weekly round of popping bottles every Thursday. Thanks a bunch to everyone who continues to spread the word, link up the website, and of course, to those who buy a board or a tee. It means a lot.

The Quartersnacks Bodega


  1. You just taught mad heads what a bodega is; so I should add, they all tend to smell strange and usually have a really sickly and/or fat cat running around and old people hanging out.

  2. yo snackman i only deal in cash. is supreme gonna be selling these? i love giving money to moya

  3. you know skate degenerates dont be getin givin mastercards n visas express cards n all

  4. Id wait online for these at Supreme on opening day before I waited for a tshirt with a bald Britney Spears on it.

  5. do these tees in GRAY my nigga. that white tee shit gets to dirty especially when girls squirt on me.

  6. i can’t afford the board because i spent all my money on goog. Will you host a meeting of the autumn dice league with a snackman cruiser for prize.

  7. Nigga put those t shirts and cruisers at corner bodegas. That one next to LES park would be a hot spot. or better yet thah one by 12 and A

  8. 1 – They will be exclusive to world famous Haji’s on First Avenue.

    2 – I like the grey idea, and personally prefer grey over white tees anyway, unless it’s like 100 degrees outside with the sun beaming.

    3 – The Lady Gaga collaboration is hopefully soon. Considering we are the dominant Lady Gaga supportive skate enterprise, it seems more than right. And we’re probably the main anomaly to the frequent “OMG OMG WHY DA HELL IZ SUPREME DOING A COLLABO WIT HER, SK8ERS DON’T LIKE HER” comment that was seen online when that campaign came out. Britney’s new song > her new song, though.

    4 – Camo and bucket hat is in the works. Gonna see if Capone and Noreaga are around for some consulting on the project.

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