Winter Viewing 2011

Much like the previously-unheralded Lurkers 2 Vimeo upload, and due to the fact that there is nearly a foot of snow outside, we should probably tell you that Coda’s Self-Titled (from 2007) video is online in full, just barely making it to three hundred views.

Upon release, this video sent tons of kids to Google Earth, searching for pixelated views of spots in the less-friendly portions of the Bronx and Brooklyn, and onto a two-hour A train ride out to Rockaway so they could skate in the middle of the projects. “Classic” New York videos barely had any outer borough footage, and we’ve gone on about how Static 2 and Mosiac had an influence in changing that (along with white people and their natural tendency to do weird things like skate into walls because they’re mad at their parents or something), but this video brought New York spot-seeking to a whole new level. Every part is solid, and unlike most videos today, there’s no bad pacing or annoying music in it. Aside from Lady Gaga, Creedence is the only unanimously QS-approved white people music, so there are plenty of great things about the video. It’s always been a personal favorite around here.

The quality isn’t the best, but what can you do?

Coda coincidentally has a new site up, so be sure to give it a browse once you’re done watching this and your umpteenth personal screening of the Daewon part. Speaking of which, Daewon should hire the Coda dudes to take him around to spots in New York, now that would be a great video part. There’s the real king of “abstract spots,” don’t ever forget that. Why he hasn’t gone the more Puleo direction and tried to get more “urban” with it is anyone’s guess, but realistically, it probably has to do with the weather.


  1. i saw somewhere that daewon said like 90% of his footage was filmed within 10 miles from his house or something like that. so sick

  2. over a half of it was in a warehouse haha. not feeling the “paying for a wearhouse part” thing.

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