The Parallel Between Bobby Puleo & Albert Pike

A handful of people inquired about this site’s opinion on a recent Bobby Puleo interview (although the word “interview” should be used lightly, as the rubric of journalistic standards doesn’t exactly lean in favor of an interview with someone being published on their own media outlet, as opposed to an unbiased third party’s platform.) Between insisting that Austyn Gillette skates like the remaining millions of skateboarders, the fact that this website is guilty of showing people from other places spots (i.e. showing the entire world spots), and knowing the “What the hell?” factor that arose from an early screening of Deathbowl to Downtown, where this guy’s influence (which he mistakes for everyone else’s lack of creativity) was able to contort history so much that someone could claim he “Pioneered the New York style of skating,” we’re going to stay out of this one. The whole thing comes off as a skateboard-equivalent of one of those conversations where someone will rattle off five artists that “ruined hip-hop,” while championing the fact that Ghostface has made the same album for five years in a row.

Nevertheless, Billy Rohan, a native of Florida, a state mentioned as one of the corrosive forces behind the declining state of “art” in skateboarding, wrote a significantly more bigger-picture-encompassing response on his website, which aligns with a lot of where this website’s beliefs stand:

Whether or not this interview destroys his skate career has no relevance in your mid-thirties. The true legacy of Robert Puleo will rest with art historians 200 years from now in museums throughout the country. Much like Pike, who spent his final days being taken care of by his fraternity brothers with just enough money to survive and who eventually died penniless, only to be entombed in America’s sacred pyramid years after his death.

So to does Bobby Puleo at the least deserve to have the respect and care of the brotherhood of skaters that recognize his devotion and contribution to the art of skateboarding. Theres a much larger world out there waiting for Bobby Puleo, his Mausoleum in skateboarding will live in the minds of people who grew up listening to Wu-Tang, watching him skate in the Infamous video, La Luz, Static and Mad Circle [videos], who said to themselves, ‘I want to leave my shitty town in Florida and skate that dope marble shit in NYC or SF or London.’ Not because we wanted to take you out, but because you inspired us to think differently about our surroundings and all that’s out there to be explored. Thank you Bobby Puleo. If this is your farewell interview for skateboarding, where ever you rest and no matter how much money you don’t have, the ideas you sparked in thousands of street skaters across the world will never be replaced with marketing money.

You can read the whole thing here.


  1. Puleo’s a kook who takes skateboarding (and life) too seriously. This whole thing bummed me out on him

  2. didn’t give a fuck about this fool til the art school kids came in and put him on a high horse

  3. Bobby Puleo is a genius and I think this was one of the most interesting interviews I have ever read. Puleo is like fine wine. Love him or Hate him the least you can do is respect him for his honesty and approach for he is like no other skateboarder, which is the rarest thing in skateboarding these days. Everybody is a clone of each other these days. So stop lying to yourselves.

  4. I love how skaters use the phrase ‘everyone is a clone’ shut the fuck up. People are inspired by other people you dumbass. Its how life/art/technology/etc progresses. Some people bite styles both in life and skating and some people adopt them and make them their own with a lil twist

    All you fags saying shit like this need to stop pretending how you’re so fucking unique and have fun. None of us are making a living off skateboarding so who the fuck cares if Austin Gilette or Bobby Puleo inspires us to learn a new trick.

  5. the legacy of Albert Pike is not a good one, hes was the founder and leader of the KKK and a war criminal in the civil war. but of course a low-level mason like billy would over look that

  6. Why did you link to Billy Rohan’s response and not even to the actual interview? It’s not a “tough interview”, it’s interesting/necessary but definitely not unexpected. Nobody needs to apologize for or obscure with fake intellectual humor real talk.

  7. There’s no such thing as a low level Mason. Your either a Brother or your not. Brothers are all” On The Level” The only real secrets in Masonry are the Handshakes and The Passwords. Their Libraries are open to the public and open to all weather you are a Mason or not. It’s easier to blame and be lame than to take the time and learn about the Game.

  8. yeahhh this interview was way too controversial for ya’ll to handle! and for the record QS post the actual fuckin interview(im sayin this out of love)! Too many little kids already be hatin and shit without even fuckin readin it, not that would change anything.

  9. “yeahhh this interview was way too controversial for ya’ll to handle! and for the record QS post the actual fuckin interview”


    That’s was actually more of a rookie mistake on my part than it being “too controversial.” It’s skateboarding, not Wiki Leaks. There should have been a link to it in the first sentence, as there is now.

  10. Puleo skates the QP at the McCarren skatepark everyday during the summer. Dude’s a hypocrite.

  11. I’m not really mad about it, but I never did understand why this website has such an extensive spot information section. Who cares if some geek can’t find this or that spot? And maybe it would be to his benefit if he was forced to find things on his own. Not telling kids where spots were would also keep spots marginally less blown out and their use restricted to the skaters who actually skate around looking for good shit (which is efficient–these are the skaters who should have the best chance to skate).

    Oh and the difference between Ghostface and whoever allegedly ruined rap is that the former stands the test of time, whereas no one likes the hot new thing a year later (because they always kind of sucked).

  12. Looks a lot more like he’s trying to cover himself than him actually not meaning to single those people out “Oh i COULD have said other names” doesn’t mean anything when you obviously chose them carefully. Not sure why he cares enough to post a rebuttal though because it seems like he intended it to be on some “tell all” shit. Good interview but i can understand some kids getting bummed aboyt him after reading it.

  13. so, now i know that the “knob rob” who posts on here is really billy rohan. with his mason shit, wu-tang call-outs, and horrible spelling, it 100% has to be him.

  14. i know this is lightyears after the fact but does anyone have a link to the interview ??its down.

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