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As video-makers have become increasingly afraid to edit skateboarding to offensive music, and continue to submit to a fairly narrow scope of sounds (People insist that these decisions are all based on what Pitchfork approves, but that seems more like a scapegoat than the real reason), loud, obnoxious music largely intended for strip clubs has been cast aside. A safety zone for song choices exists, which makes a lot of skate part music just sit there, as a passive accompaniment to the part, and not elevating the skating to a more reflective-of-the-skater nature. This phenomenon allows a team like Expedition, seemingly filled with white guys who probably like all sorts of weird rap about hacking computers and hacking limbs, to edit an entire video to generic soul songs, or a video for a shop in Miami, a city that has probably played more Tiesto than the rest of the country combined, and provided us with so-goddamn-ignorant-that-even-Quartersnacks-can’t-cosign-it “artists” like DJ Khaled, to be edited to MF Doom and West Indian infused Muska Beatz derivatives.

Smolik might have looked like a total kook goonin’ hard with some San Diego derelicts at the train tracks, but sure as hell knew that’s who he was, and what he was trying to put across with his part. Or that Koston wanted to live in Los Angeles. And I hate that song. But it works. If you want to skate to Katy Perry because you have a crush on her bosomy physique, do it. Make people on YouTube tell you the song ruined the part. Make them thumbs down your video because of the song. As long as it’s what you wanted, and who you are, do it. Skateboarders always complain about non-skaters “trying to look like them” — maybe it would be way harder to do that if the images that you put out there actually reflected you, and not what 95-percent of skate videos tell you is okay.

Case in point: Pryce Holmes put together a bunch of Charles Lamb’s footage from various European* endeavors that occurred in 2010. Complete with gunshots, four or five song changes, girls screaming, and the “Polo” remix, a song I can personally attest to being a Charles Lamb favorite. But, with the industry figure heads constantly pushing against such downright offensive part compositions, Pryce was forced to provide a “white boy mix,” so less open-minded media outlets could utilize it without alienating a skateboard audience that they hope to one day find indistinguishable from one another, probably for marketing reasons.

*Plus C.I.A. Ledge, but we have already revealed that C.I.A. was deemed “the best ledge in New York” by a master of European skateboarding, therefore it does not break the cohesive feel of the part.

There’s a chunk of real good footage that was also left out of this part, so don’t be too surprised if you see a round two someday.

Click here for the whiteboy edit. And even though this site’s favorite “Young” is Jeezy, as we schedule updates around prominent release dates, we can gaurantee that there will be like eight or nine new clips the day Young Dro’s album comes out. (If and when, obviously.)


  1. Funny, with all the kids of color picking up skating in the last 5 years, the music in skate videos has gotten whiter than ever.

  2. This is the number one problem with skate videos today. That or maybe todays skaters all all fucking ding bats… who knows…

  3. so not to sound lame, but that Charles Lamb clip was impossible for me to watch, that musc i was fucking terrible! it doesnt even go with the skating looks like all the footy was edited then a song slapped ontop of it.. im not saying i dont think Lamb’s clip was ill cuz Lamb is og tech ledge god. but seriously put time into that shit or something. damn nigga

  4. melissa joan hart.

    the kalis edit on qs mindfield edit was way better than than original, and the first kalis section to get me hyped since photosynthesis.

    daniel lebron and ishod weir in new york with gucci man was dope. (would/will watch that before skating)

    charles lamb to that rap tune didn’t work for me at all. although he may prefer the hip hop tune the white boy version seemed to suit his style and flow more, and the euro backdrops. not sure if my skate video mind has been overly polluted by contemporary skate videos that I feel this way.

    apologies for commenting so much on you blog recently, but I am off work just now.


  5. Did you ever stop to think that maybe skaters don’t pick their songs? Even in most homie videos it’s all up to the creator, jus’ sayin

  6. @ David, what about the neighborhood team? that was all Latin and Black dudes. or chocolate at its begining, before they got marc johnson and let him talk.

  7. shit, u make a good point. I was thinking more in a general sense…ultimately it isn’t about black or white; its about genuine song selection vs. contrived soundtracks.

  8. you ever watch that mulhern video? the music in it put my ass to sleep. seriously the most boring shit ever.

  9. other words that come to mind when reading this article are “licensing agreements”, “music rights”, “cease and desist orders”, “stereotypes” and “stay gold”

  10. “State of Mind” is a perfect example of a video with a budget for song clearances from music labels that still had a sound track that sounded like a napster playlist i burned on to a cd-r when i was 14 and figuring out how to smoke weed.

    And homie videos don’t clear songs. Shop videos don’t clear songs either.

  11. I think this post is more about skating to the music that you actually want to skate to than stuff going well with the part. Otherwise they wouldn’t be saying it’s ok for people to humbs down your youtube video cuz you’re skating to an un popular kind of music for a skate video.

    That’s kinda how i felt about Goin Ham. Like it was trying to be some lame pro video with all the interludes and weird music when those kids probably liked way different shit. Great skating definitley great effort on whoever made it but looked like they were trying to fill a template rather then do their own thing

  12. Ultimately what is comes down to, is sometimes what someone thinks is a wack song, might fit better, or a song they love just doesn’t work. You think Ryan Gallant wanted to skate to “the sundays” way back when?, prolly not, but it fit.

    most people probably wouldn’t lump lizard king and cam’ron together, but that shit works

    not to mention, as extensive of a catalogue as they have, theres not enough kinks songs for everyone to skate to

  13. Ayo; just watch the damn film; the Snackman is beyond reproach. And the Pryce tends to be right…fuck outa here….

  14. If I was given 3-4 minutes of raw, full-quality B.D. footage, no question, that’s what it would be edited to. But that’s probably never going to happen.

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