The Events That Defined New York City Skateboarding in 2010: 5-1

Billy Rohan and Saddam Hussien

With about six hours left in 2010, here is the final set of five. Happy New Year, and thanks again to everyone who helped out spreading the word and contributing to Quartersnacks this past year. See you in 2011. #25-21, #20-16, #15-11, #10-6. So, like, what are you guys doing tonight?

5. Billy Rohan goes to Iraq

In a career that has been defined by insanity, Billy’s most absurd feat came not at a time when he was actually “crazy,” but when offered the chance to go to Iraq for the purpose of skateboarding. Billy one-upped the entire travel game this past summer by looking for spots in Saddam’s Palace.

4. Loose Trucks Max backside noseblunts the Courthouse Drop

This trick has ran three times this past year — the one from the Krooked video was clearly not landed, the one from the Think ad only ran in photo form, and another time, done by Max, which was filmed on a cell phone. As we live in an age where people are all up in arms about HD sucking the fun out of skateboarding, and production methods more-or-less killing off the vibe of old-fashioned homie videos, it’s definitely a step in the right direction when you can film a trick that people who are paid to skateboard have had trouble with, on a cell phone.

3. Shawn Powers reinvigorates the act of “doing tricks” at the TF

Around the time when Bradley threw the crutch at Taji and Kevin, the focus of the TF shifted away from the actual act of “skateboarding.” Sure, you’d ride a board there, but your influence was weighed in terms of what antics you pulled on (or off) your board within the park’s perimeter. In the past two years, “antics” have slowly come to be frowned upon, as the TF is a facility predominantly utilized at dusk for sixteen-year-old consumption of low-priced, but sizably-portioned containers of beer, and the inhalation of illegal substances, which means the antics would only invite a heavier police presence. Shawn Powers took advantage of this chink in the armor, and managed to kickflip over the entire box the long way, ringing out the word that doing impressive tricks at the TF is relevant again.

2. Fashion Week starts two weeks early with the release of the Dylan Reider Gravis video

Dylan Reider and Katy Perry

The only way to watch this part.

When Boil the Ocean listed Dylan’s part as number six on their annual top ten list, it was obvious that New York was yet again, in a world of its own. The most fashionable, most self-aware skateboarder, who graces across the screen and lands mind-bending tricks with the nonchalance of a runway model has our #1 vote. Having shown promise as a youngster, but misguided in his Osiris-based styling, and overcoming a drug addiction that arrived at a time when all eyes were watching, Dylan’s splendor came full circle with the release of this part, like a haunted genius whose true form is constantly maligned by fashionable deterrents like nightlife. Well, the brilliance we always knew was there has shown its wings, and Dylan Reider has cemented himself as a downtown role model for all fashion forward skateboarders.

1. The Fish announces that it is closing

One patron, Kevin Long, a 26-year-old professional skateboarder known as Spanky, showed off a new tattoo on his elbow, which depicted a small broken bottle, a teardrop and the letters M and F. He and a veteran bartender there had designed it on a cocktail napkin in protest. “The top 100 times of my life have all been in this bar,” Mr. Long said.

He was not alone in his enduring allegiance. Several regulars had identical ink, and a woman even left the bar, visited a tattoo parlor around the corner and returned with her arm branded.The New York Times on December 15, 2010

(Although some may mistake this for an “inside joke,” please be aware that a not-too-sizable portion of the people affiliated with Quartersnacks can sincerely say that the Fish defined a huge part of their post-11PM lifestyle. So this is in no way relative to the nightly biases of this website, for if it were, it would definitely be on here, but wouldn’t be number one. In other words, nobody closely affiliated with Quartersnacks is getting a Fish tattoo.)

Whether you like it, or care enough to admit it, alcohol is a huge part of skateboarding. And the Fish is the most well-known, most heavily-frequented alcohol distribution venue within skateboarding. Here’s a place where you could bump into Chad Fernandez and see him transform into a stone fixture of mythology, only to crash face-first onto the street. (You’d see him there the next night discussing how the reaper has been knocking on his door.) Or a place where Dennis Busenitz would punch someone in the chest full-force because he called him “weird.” (We’re going to leave out the details, but Busenitz is pretty much allowed to punch whoever he wants.) You were either watching Biebel projectile vomit into the street, or catching sight of someone who just got off the plane from Burbank, not knowing any better than to realize that what lies on the other side of a conversation with some random dirty girl, is a web of disease, insanity, a $30 vomit-smelling cab ride to some God-knows-where Brooklyn hole-in-the-wall shared with ten other unemployed roommates, and a seemingly endless trail of bad tattoos. The Fish was a live culmination of all of skateboarding’s low-points of degeneracy, and without it, a crucial chunk of the the extracurricular climate around skating is gone.

Bonus Mini-Five — Odds & Ends:
1. Tompkins MVP: Slickie Boy.
2. Non-Tompkins MVP: Stephan Martinez or Billy McFeely
3. Claimer of the Year: Billy Rohan – “I want to set a launch ramp off the Courthouse Drop.”
4. Best Non-Dylan Fashion/Styling of the Year: The Black Ninja in NEAT
5. Best Non-Dylan Part of the Year: Austyn Gillette in Origin, Reynolds or Westgate in Stay Gold, Austin Kanfoush in The Shuffl Video


  1. Haven’t seen the MIA video yet but would definitely like to. Delatore’s sick, I’m psyched he has a full part.

  2. as a visiting ohioan, the fish was a place to realize you are taller than justin strubing and have tino razo crack a beer for you. RIP…..

  3. Last time that certain female’s name was mentioned on here, the comment board got spammed with a whole bunch of nonsense, so please avoid mentioning her, or anyone that may be associated with her in the future. Thanks.

  4. Dylan Reider’s dna was used to make a clone and he rolls through TF every once and a while and he doesn’t even ollie but you still remember it days later.

  5. That wasn’t to you, there was some comments after yours that had to get deleted. I was referring to those. I should have been more clear.

  6. Thanks for all the great coverage and content in 2010, Snackman. Quartersnacks and XNXX are the only sites I check everyday.

  7. does spanky know he’s not from new york?

    even if he LIVED here that would make more sense but that shit sounds stupid to have a bar tatt of a place that you VISIT every so often

  8. The biggest dissapointment of 2010 was there weren’t enough Quarter Snacks clips to Flockavelli songs

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