The Events That Defined New York City Skateboarding in 2010: 25-21

These are probably going to run on a once a week basis for the rest of the month. The month is still young, and we are only 11/12ths through the year, so chances for history to be made are still there! E-mail quartersnacks [at] if you feel there is something that we may fail to acknowledge, and we will have the event screened before the Board of Trustees.

25. The MTA Discontinues V Train Service
The V train was the MTA’s most self-aware line, in that it proudly wore the title of being the party train. It took you as far as you realistically needed to go, and did not overcompensate for that fact by pretending its duty to the public was anything greater than plopping them off two blocks from the Fish, and five blocks from Lit. It was the train of broken dreams, a route that once seemed endless, but was unexpectedly cut short when an assortment of alcoholic beverages and chances at STDs were shoved in front of it. The V train was special because it was a microcosm for stardom maligned by alcohol that is New York skateboarding.

24. Yaje goes Hollywood (and later redeems himself)

Yaje Popson, once a native son of the TF, hopped on board a flight early in the year to opt out of the experience that is at least thirty-percent responsible for breeding the miserable attitude synonymous with many New York skateboarders. Wintertime is the unheralded rift in lifestyles that makes it so difficult for us to relate to one another when we meet someone from the other side of the country, and he blatantly refused to acknowledge that fact this past year.

Instead of feeling the icy wrath of half-frozen puddles in canvas Vans, Yaje went for expatriate status in Southern California’s smoothly paved skateboard pastures, much to the chagrin of the T.F. bench, which had sustained his career since he was “that kid who nollie flipped Bayside 10.” The collective eyebrow-curl of the bench soon waned, as Yaje returned a few inches taller, probably wearing a seashell necklace, describing things as “hella chill fool” without a sarcastic undertone, and capable of landing a magnificent back tail down Black Hubba in his opposite stance — the very same trick that a Long Island favorite ran a photo of many years earlier in a regular-footed position, while neglecting to actually roll away from it.

23. Michael Giglotti briefly intervenes in the political landscape of New York City to proclaim Slappy Cove as being “blown out.”

Mike’s appearances in skateboarding these past two years have been sort of like Andre 3000 verses. They are few and far between, but always of quality, and leaving the audience wanting more as they erupt into discussion of a possible comeback to the craft that made him such a lovable personality. As the summer began, the media began deciding which locations will be issued the most screen time, and thus come to define impending real-estate development around that certain spot (Would Bushwick have been gentrified if not for its proximity to Mambo Bar, New York City’s most famous ledge-to-cellar-door? Probably not), Michael pierced through the shuffling with a loud HALT! “That spot’s over with, first it was kind of funny, then came the tee shirt, the sticker, the tribute video, the board graphic…” Slappy Cove has remained desolate ever since, and Mike’s words (seem to) continue their echo of truth.

22. Rob Campbell starts a board company

After nearly a decade of shifting around on disorganized skateboard business endeavors — from Grime Official to Lola to Substance — Rob went the “Fuck all you hoes” Biggie route and expanded Savage Urethane into a board imprint of his own.

21. 2 Bros. Pizza Expands Its Empire

2 Bros. already has the majority of young skateboarders whose fiscal concerns begin at Black & Milds and end at dirt weed hovering around their Saint Mark’s location on any given evening. But the alarming rate at which this market leader in dollar slices continues to open up new locations will only continue to do wonders for New York City’s income-lacking, EBT ineligible, skateboarder population. This phenomenon has been unparalleled since the age of skating to Sixth Avenue from Tompkins in order to purchase a drink and two hot dogs at Gray’s Papaya for $2.45 (which costs $4.50 now), and many analysts agree that the overall scope of the 2 Bros. takeover will surpass any previous availability of cheap, pimple-inducing sustenance available to the city’s skateboarders and bums.

Bonus Mini-Five — Tricks Necessary To Maintain Relevancy at 12th & A in 2011:
5. 360 Shove-Its. Preferably backside, but frontside is an added bonus. If you can only do them frontside, you are an anomaly, and probably not relevant.
4. Lipslide pop-ups to tailslides. Frontside will suffice, but backside will put you in a whole different category.
3. Nollie Front Foot Flips. It’s going to happen, they are going to be big, so you might as well start learning to get ahead.
2. Impossibles. Needs no explanation. Everyone that’s 15 or 35 can do them. That whole twenty-year gap has been struggling.
1. Fakie Impossibles. Not knowing them is a sure-fire way to get a letter in S-K-A-T-E if you’re playing against someone born after 1994.


  1. Fucking great read – the bit on the V train was poetic, inspired, and most of all, true.

    And 2 Bros makes me nearly shit my pants any time I eat there. Still, for the price… it’s almost worth it.

  2. let us note the prime yet seldomly seen front 360 shuv of jewish athlete Daniel Eric Weiss

  3. u got no idea what went down this year if this is all u got. whothefuck is u to make these statements. guess your hood dont sell quarter snacks no more cuz the updates been soft lately

  4. im surprised you know about grime official, thres some crazy stories behind that company, ask rob next tome you see him

  5. Yeah he has told me a handful of them. The one where a certain somebody (as in someone else, not Rob) wouldn’t get on board with the company due to the ethnic make-up of one of the principal backers is the best one.

    Is he still not a huge fan of the internet? A Rob Campbell interview would be massive.

    And yes, Gray’s Papaya does suck (2 Bros. is not any better), but $2.45 for two hot dogs and one of those drinks is a good deal when you’re broke. Obviously that’s not the case anymore, so it doesn’t matter.

  6. Fuck 3 Shoves, Inward heels are that 20 year gap trick, find me someone between 15 and 35 who can do em go on……not bad for the first 5 tho lol @ the Rob Campbell one

  7. Once pops gets back on fully like the gino comeback in Yeah Right, I’m sure all this smack talk on pops will seise. For real tho, I need to get off the dick, but back at love park days he went hard in the paint.

  8. fuck you. i am the real hell rell and i don’t claim bk. mad niggas got inward heelflips. you must be too busy staying in because you got no paper rather than being on the streets watching shit go down.

  9. quatersnacks why write about how a “certain someone who didnt land a regs backtail “. Wheres your footy cheap snack … or r u just a bk hipster who knows all the ins and outs of skateboarding… id rather watch reg back tails to fall on black hubba then little kid steez switch back tails … all day …

  10. Everyone who knows anything about nyc skating knows that popps didnt land his back tail. So why dont you go ahead and hit up fat bill so you can watch that guinea’s bails.

  11. it’s new york dog its never been just about skating

    the coke is garbage
    the prices is unreal
    niggas is doing flat bids for gun sales

  12. i second that 2 bros will make you shit yourself. as long as you stick to one slice your good tho. or you could wise up and grab some artichoke for 3 bucks more and maybe get a beer there too

  13. Everybody bites off this head starting with the longsleeve under the T and now #1 shaved heads with tha flannels. N chillin wit fat bill can’t be good for the image, have u seen his gear. Hipster couldn’t even have a part in chomp wtf.

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