Spots to Skate in New Orleans

The most logical thing to do when looking for spots in a different city is to go downtown. Follow the big buildings, and you’ll find some stuff basically. Well New Orleans has the most barren downtown I’ve seen, short of maybe Springfield, Massachusetts. There are some cutty, rough spots that would be a Watermelon video paradise though.

No clue why anyone bothered to quick-crete this thing, it’s absolutely insane. Curb in front, gigantic cracks, etc.

Fun but rough as hell. I’m sure someone has gone over the top with a trick but probably didn’t have the easiest time doing it.

Pancake gaps. The main spot down here you’ve probably seen in videos. A lot more deceiving in terms of having ample runway than videos put on. It’s pretty much a throw down, maybe one quick half push type of spot.

The convention center. The one really “normal” spot we found, given that it has good ledges and smooth ground. Got kicked out though.

Main strip burn-out.

Here I go!


  1. Shit, we used to have good ledge spots but Katrina came and FEMA didn’t get here in time to save them. blame Bush. Then Obama comes along talkin bout hope and change, promises us new ledges and better flatground, and we know how that turned out

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