The best YouTube account one could ever subscribe to…

Every now and then, Bill Strobeck blesses fans of skateboarding with a masterful piece of YouTube videography. He’s like five for five at this point. That’s an insanely solid record, unlike some people out there. Bill’s continuing fascination with hair modifications carries over to this clip, as the process of hair-dyeing takes up a solid fifty-percent of the screen time in it. Never fear though, the maneuvers at hand are of an immensely high caliber, and include the ever-so-handsome Google-able babe chaser, Alex Olson, being hounded by an un-Googleable voluptuous woman wearing a cat-suit, as he powers over some metal artifacts off a curb cut. The clip also includes what may have been the C.I.A. Ledge line of the year, had it not been for Youness Amrani’s lack of a tail this past summer. Gillette’s 180 swoop out of that thing is absolutely insane though. The bar at Dr. Toothy’s is no joke either.

Subscribing to Bill’s channel is one of the best things you can do for yourself. No word on the full-length archival video though, and how it may bring back a crumb of relevancy to the DVD format.


  1. austyn gillette be damn good but i can’t watch his parts. Castrucci was really scraping the bottom of the barrel with the ipod time-lapse and those annoying ass photography/coffee shots. at least when Raymond was still on we didn’t have to watch him wind the film

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