The Fashion Episode: Residual Effects

When the fashion episode dropped, the fashionable skate world (New York, Hollywood, London, and Paris) erupted. Wardrobes were re-configured, Rodeo Drive and Fifth Avenue experienced surges in skateboarder-owned credit card max-outs, stylists were hired, stylists were fired, plastic surgeries were scheduled, and hearts were definitely broken.

But there were some residual effects. Namely a public airing out of business between certifiably the two handsomest young skateboard icons in 2010. It came a bit unexpected, like a sledgehammer at the end of the episode. It’s one thing to keep a schism between nighttime existences confined to each respective person’s inner circle, kind of like the Gucci/Waka falling out that was kept under wraps by sending tracks back and forth via e-mail, but a much different thing when the public catches glimpse of what’s really going on behind the scenes.

Alex Olson, the non-spotlight side of this massive controversy, took some time to clear his head over foreign borders, and was possibly ousted from the United States in light of this career-altering event. Sometimes, you just want to contemplate life, love and literature, and maybe film a solid tailslide flip out on a ledge to show your opponent you’re not letting up that easily.

He took some other handsome skateboarders and the Quiksilver credit card over there as well. Features Alex Olson, Torey Goodall and Pat O’Rourke, with special guests Pryce Holmes and Dario Phillips.


  1. Another Supreme hat sighting. Must be the only item in that shop that actual skateboarders can afford without cutting into their nightlife budgets.

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