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#nightlifebeef. Please use the hashtag for all future social media pursuits involving this emerging sub-genre within the content production side of skateboard media. Seemingly, #knowhomo has also began to catch on, so it is only a matter of time.

While on the subject of #nightlifebeef, rumors have began circulating regarding how this ties into Bill Strobeck’s long-awaited, potentially non-existant “video” of outtakes from the past ten years — basically an extended version of all his black and white web clips. It seems that the video will actually not have much skating in it, but be a handsome skateboarder themed documentary on this newly prominent issue of much interest, edited in the style of the Beef DVD series. Once again, these are only rumors. But with the viability and potential shelf life of skateboard videos eroding at an increasingly faster rate, a quick jolt of controversy may be the trick to give the full-length video world a much needed energy shot.

Everyone should start visiting It’s a regular aggregated content based blog of montages, video parts, and promos for homie videos, like Mostly Skateboarding, etc., but explicitly focused on the New York and New Jersey area. There are already a ton of videos that flew under the radar over there, like this Dylan James part, which is one of the finer local parts to be released in recent history, and full of commendable, difficult spot choices, like that dog park in Chelsea that nobody skates, those at-a-horrible-angle ledges on Flatbush right across the Manhattan Bridge that were once heralded as “Bam 2,” and the awful Philly step in Sunset Park that refuses to grind.

On there, you will also find this hardflip down the Indoor Ten with 125,000+ YouTube views.

Tino Razo Interview for the Vans Syndicate Blog, and Rodney Torres interview for the Full Bleed blog. Both spotted via NY Skateboarding.

Adam Abada’s clip from New Orleans. Typically, people act like the only spot there is the stair gaps under the bridge, but apparently, this clip dispels that myth.

Dave Morales minute-long video part of scary 5050s, high bar-to-bank ollies in the Bronx, and satanic mumblings. That brick manual pad spot he kickflip nosemanuals on 92nd Street is gone, by the way.

Brian Wenning still skates on occasion.

We once received tickets for skating at Lenox on Christmas Eve after it had snowed four days prior, by some cop who had nothing better to do. A few months later, the judge read us the cop’s description of what happened: “For jumping and riding on the snow with skateboards.” The judge asks, “How exactly do you ride on the snow if you have a skateboard, don’t those need a hard surface?” We all shrugged. He issued us a fine. Five dollars. You can expect a lot more stupid fines like that in the future, because the Mayor said ticket quotas are essential for the city. It’s always fun waking up at 6:45 and wasting a morning so you can give the city five dollars.

And people are getting shot on 19th and Broadway now? Crazy.

Quote of the Week:
Two nine-year-old kids who just finished watching the Emerica video: “Do you guys know where any spots are?
Observant Gentleman: “[Pointing in the direction of CIA Ledge] There’s this smooth ledge that gradually gets higher down the hill and to the left.
Two nine-year-old kids who just finished watching the Emerica video: “Oh… Uhh…do you know where any really big stairs are?

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  1. The creator/dude who runs skaterack is an immature brat kid, and I’d advise not supporting him. There are plenty of other sites posting up footy that aren’t run by ignorant, shit-talking children.
    In his own words:

    :I got more unique visits then you make in a month at burger king, and I started this site as a portfolio for a job , a job you would probably end up cleaning toilets at after your burger king job falls through. It just worked out good because I started the site just to add to my portfolio but the views and emails I got from kids like you that use my site brought to my attention that a site like mine is pretty sick. I got wrote about a week into being a site by Quartersnacks , so do your homework kid.”

  2. He actually contacted me, and I responded.

    I stay in touch with maybe two people who run skateboard websites. That being said, there’s a good chance I’ll post something if you write me an e-mail about it, so being linked on here isn’t exactly a huge distinction.

  3. Also, no offense intended, but this is a skateboarding blog on the internet. I don’t think a shoutout on any internet skateblog is worth bragging about.

    That being said, I like your blog a lot, and it’s probably one of the best. But you get my point

  4. jone,

    I don’t usually comment and i see what you mean but this site does video clips for nike sb and gets talked about in interviews by dylan rieder so its not exactly some run of the mill skate blog like the skate rack site.

  5. That’s true, I agree. It’s a sick and successful blog. My point was just that I wouldn’t ever really brag about a couple sentence shoutout on someone’s blog

  6. I Love the blog and don’t know why I haven’t asked before but I will be contacting you Quarter to get a shoutout and link to my site

    Keep up the good work!

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