Best thing all week

Kevin has a “Checkout” in the December 2010 issue of Skateboarder, the one with the switch flip of the decade on the cover. Click to enlarge. Pick it up, put it in a scrapbook, frame it, whatever. Thanks to Jimmy Marketti for the scan.

Kevin has come a long way from being the kid known for always wearing that yellow Osiris hoody at Beer Bar and claiming everything was “O.D.” Now, he’s better than pretty much everyone. And has better style too. (He also has some of the funniest slams and bails known to modern history.) A few key selections embedded after the jump.

And his QS debut:


  1. Yeah Man Kevin has been killin it for a while now !!!! He is the real life version of Telli from the movie Kids.

  2. He’s probably a dick to you because you’re a straight up little bitch nigga. Come see me

  3. fuck kevin, ive known him for years and now witihin the last year he’s mr. cool guy, fuck that!
    and he didnt land the fs krook, what a bunch a kooks trying to make a checkout. fuck mooney should have one before the little shit. fuck shawn powers is way more talented and productive.

  4. jamie thomas and darren harrper came together to make a skateboard team called d.g.s more info coming soon

  5. Bonjour Mr. Tierney, congratulations on your check out in that passe magazine you Americans call skateboarder. Im looking for a new face for purple magazine, your boyish looks,classic American features, and your elitist attitude make me think that you might be the one. If your willing to engage in anal sex with that sexy beast Black Davide I would be more then willing to give you the cover for next fashion week.

  6. YO…not for nothin..but i seen this dude the other day on as i was changin trains at 14 st and said wats up and he looked at me like i was dumb…we chilled at this party not so long ago…plus he got this whole thing goin for him on the mag and shit ..right .. wouldent you think people would say whats up even if you dont know them….to me he just got a big ego…he needs to shake it off…plus i’m a much better skater then him…\

    YO Kevin next time i see you where ganna play SKATE and i’m ganna kick your ass

  7. nigga i skate booklyn all day ,12 years….still going.. dont need no sponsers..just my skills… and i got some crazy spots people dont even care to put on the map….but i’m ganna put you on only once…here i go……………………..the school on the corner of conyiland av and newkerk av thats a cool spot …benches , manie pad yea a real manie pad not no little shit, a nice huba…this place is perfict for lines…i’m tellin need dont take it from chex it out 4 you self..but dont let it go to waist….i think you guys know about 38 park next to fdr high school thats old but niggas need to bring that back….yo i’ma put brooklyn back on the map man!! i got more to come i’m ganna try to get you guys some pics of the spot on cony and newkerk…and its easy to get their the Q train to newkerk get out ask where conyiland av is and you wont miss it

  8. Is this the return of that kid Olof who writes paragraphs about how fucking real he is and how people don’t say hi to him but nobody reads?

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